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« Unhealthy food »

« Unhealthy food »

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« Unhealthy food »

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  1. «Unhealthy food»

  2. Made by Tsyglakova Tatiana Kasyrgulova Aida form 9v school 32 Norilsk 2007

  3. Healthyeating is very important in our days. The great amount of different productshave appeared on Russian market lately. Most of these products became very popular. But are all of them useful? What the children eat depends on their parents. Healthy eating is the basis of physical and mental health. The problem of this research lies in the fact that the students don’t follow the right eating, don’t know enough about some unhealthy products and eat them very often. Problem

  4. The aim of research: to substantiate the negative influence of some food on human’s organism. The task: to collect information on this problem using a sociological poll. The object of the research: the students of the 5 – 10 classes.

  5. The topic of research: the teenagers’ attitude to their health trough different food. The methods of research: an opinion poll. The hypothesis of the research: the students have little knowledge in this sphere of life, they don’t have enough habits of healthy eating.

  6. Unhealthy products Fizzy drinks Cereal or soup in tins (1-2 times a month) Noodles for fast preparation (1-2 times a month) Mashed potatoes for fast preparation (once a month) Crisps and pieces of dried bread Mayonnaise (once a week) Saveloys or sausages (once a week) French fries Chewing gum (2-3 minutes 1 -2 times a day)

  7. The most harmful products The most harmful food is a sausage with lemonade. 1. Sweet fizzy drinks are not made for slating the thirst but for provoking it. They have enormously much sugar. There are not less than five teaspoons of sugar in one glass of such drink. 2. Potato crisps, which are made from mashed potato. It is a mixture of carbohydrates and fats and artificial flavoring additives. 3. Sweet chocolate sticks. The combination of great amount of sugar and different chemical additives provides the highest calorie content and a wish for eating them again and again. 4. Saveloys, sausages, boiled sausage, patesand many other products with so called hidden fats. They have lard, internal fat, pig’s skin, which form 40 % of the weight. They are masking as meat with the help of flavoring additives.

  8. Diseases Allergy diseases Gastritis and other gastro-intestinal diseases Dermatitis Obesity Vitamin deficiency

  9. The main products

  10. Unhealthy food

  11. Eating in school canteen Every day 54% of pupils receive 50 roubles for eating in school canteen from their parents. 46% of pupils don’t eat at school because they don’t have money for this purpose. The pupils prefer to buy pizzas, rolls and tea.

  12. The pupils’ wishes about eating in the school canteen 1) to reduce prizes of the products; 2) to make the range of products more various; 3) to make free packed lunches of rolls and tea or juice after the 4th lesson.

  13. Gastro-intestinal diseases

  14. Conclusion The pupils don’t have good habits about healthy eating. They don’t take care of their health, don’t follow a right diet and daily routine. The most students know about harmful influence of some products but continue to eat them very often. Some parents don’t have enough time to prepare good food for their children because they are overworked and they find the way out of situation buying junk food. Digestive disorders of the pupils are increasing at school.