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Haitian Folk Art

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Haitian Folk Art. Theme : The old represents Wisdom and Knowledge. The middle age stands for Strength and Fertility. The young is Innocence, Agility and the Hope of a better future . “Generations”. Haitian Folk Art.

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haitian folk art
Haitian Folk Art

Theme: The old represents Wisdom and Knowledge. The middle age stands for Strength and Fertility. The young is Innocence, Agility and the Hope of a better future.


haitian folk art1
Haitian Folk Art

Theme: Sisters gather at the market to help one another sell their produce and to renew their sisterly bond.


haitian folk art2
Haitian Folk Art

Theme: The painting speaks of the political turmoil of the 1980s.

“Wall of Shadows”

african american
African American

“Sweet Sweet Gardenia”

Theme: Though the earth is bright and beautiful, Sweet Gardenia will not open her eyes.

african american1
African American

“Going to Church”

Theme: Role of religion in the African American family and community.

african american2

“Big Band”

Theme: The importance of music (jazz music in this case) to the African American Community.

African American
celtic folk art
Celtic Folk Art

“Walls and Doors”

Possibly this painting is about the recurring dream of a library without books where history & knowledge live inscribed in walls ...it's content, whether painful or joyful...transformed into an alphabet of colored light.

celtic folk art1
Celtic Folk Art


Theme: Harmony and spirituality.

celtic folk art2
Celtic Folk Art

“Dreambridge to Ark”

Theme: Each time we close our eyes to go to sleep, we take a journey.

american indian
American Indian

“Folk Art Black Stallion”

Theme: Independence, strength

american indian1
American Indian

“Seeking Creative Expressions”

Theme: The painter represents his need to create art on a daily basis

american indian2
American Indian

Ketchican Totem Pole

Theme: Totem poles were built to commemorate ancestors and to remember the past.

mexican folk art
Mexican Folk Art

“Angry Rebellious Doll”

Theme: Hand crafted by an extremely poor artist to give a voice to those seeking political and economic freedom

mexican folk art1
Mexican Folk Art

“Bright Ocean Flower Trees”

Theme: Represents the beauty of Mexico

mexican folk art2
Mexican Folk Art

Huichol Mural made with coloured string

Theme: The painting seems to speak of the busy nature and diversity of the community.

various american
Various American

“Thanksgiving Autumn Country Farm Rural Americana”

Theme: Rural America is a land of plenty

various american1
Various American

“Angel Inn”

Theme: Eat, Drink, and be Merry

various american2
Various American

“David and Catherine Crane”

Theme: Marriage is _(You fill in the blank on this one)