operational reporting for r12 with obi ee cognos and business objects n.
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Operational Reporting for R12 with OBI EE, Cognos, and Business Objects PowerPoint Presentation
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Operational Reporting for R12 with OBI EE, Cognos, and Business Objects

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Operational Reporting for R12 with OBI EE, Cognos, and Business Objects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Operational Reporting for R12 with OBI EE, Cognos, and Business Objects

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Operational Reporting for R12 with OBI EE, Cognos, and Business Objects Mike Hoover Product Specialist Noetix Corporation

  2. Agenda • Release 12 Overview • Report Migration • Key Reporting Issues • Noetix Solution - The Alternative • Q & A

  3. R12 Functional Enhancements (Part 1) • Enhanced User Interface • Release 12 still relies heavily on Oracle Forms, but the interface has been streamlined and given a cleaner look • Single Accounting Engine • Shared subledger accounting engine stores accounting entries in subledger tables that are standard across all products creating a single version of the truth • Global Financial Management • Users can be assigned to multiple operating units and processes, and transactions can span operating units

  4. R12 Functional Enhancements (Part 2) • Converged Inventory Module • The data model for process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing has been converged in a single model • Infrastructure Upgrade • Most Release 12 users will upgrade at least to Oracle Database 10g and some components of Oracle Fusion Middleware • Accelerated Implementation • Oracle accelerators can significantly reduce Release 12 implementation time

  5. Overall Goal of Enhancements • The Goal • Real time, role-based information with a common data model as a foundation for a single source of truth across the enterprise • The Implications • Changes in the underlying data management infrastructure can have a significant impact on reporting

  6. Key Reporting Issues • More than a dozen changes have an impact on reporting • The conversion from “sets of books” to “ledgers” • Funds disbursement processing moving from Payables to the new Payments application • Tax calculations centralized in the new E-Business Tax application • Check and letter processing information now in Oracle BI Publisher tables • Bank and supplier information now in the Trading Community Architecture (TCA) • Bank setup moving from Receivables to the Cash Management application

  7. V11.5.10 R12 Reports Will Break • Report integrity a constant, costly challenge

  8. Re-implementing to address configuration imperfections Some data may not migrate Global consolidation Multi-instance environments no longer needed V11.5.10 R12 Reporting from Both 11i and Rel. 12

  9. How big is the problem?

  10. What did it take for Noetix to Upgrade? • Analyze the Oracle R12 documentation per module to identify any significant changes. • Functionally test all views in R12 to identify all affected views. • Design and implement required functional updates • Create new views • Obsolete views • add/modify columns • add/modify profile options

  11. What did it take Noetix for our Upgrade? View Count 58 34 56 Modified 48 14 32 10 3 8 New General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable 58 60 7 9 6 0 Fixed Assets Purchasing

  12. Total Effort ~ 10 person years • Validated and modified nearly 750 views • Across 24 modules

  13. R12 R12 Upgrade Protection V11.5.10 [ reports written against database tables ] [ reports written against Noetix views ]

  14. Subledger Accounting • All accounting performed before transfer to the GL • User-definable accounting rules • At the data level, it’s a big change for all the subledgers, though there is a first generation in 11i Payables “Accounting Events”

  15. Tie It All Together • Data flows from distributions, thru distribution links and SLA tables, to GL • Three key stages • Distributions (before accounting applied) • SLA (in draft or final form) • GL • Three key views of the data • Distributions only • Tie distributions to SLA to GL • Tie GL back to distributions

  16. Subledger Accounting – Report Migration Needs • How do I reconcile my AP Invoices to the GL Journal Entries and distributions?

  17. 11i and Release 12 Reports

  18. View Changes

  19. The Impact? • Some 11i queries will easily migrate to Rel. 12 • Some with no changes at all • Some will need table name changes • Some 11i queries will need moderate attention • Data moved to TCA will require query re-writes • Customer correspondence will require re-writes • Basic reports can remain the same • Some 11i queries won’t migrate 1:1 to Rel. 12 • SLA may require new reports, queries & ETL routines

  20. How does Noetix address the problem?

  21. Your report Noetix view of the database HZ_PARTIES HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS HZ_CUSTOMERS Order Lines Orders ATO Flag Booked Date Customer Customer No. Item Item Desc. Line Status Open Quant. Order No. Order Quant. Project Quantity Organization Order No. OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL Customer Customer No. OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL PA_PROJECTS_ALL OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL Cust. Status Booked Date PA_TASKS PA_TASKS MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS Order Quant. Open Quant. MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_TL Selling Org. What is a Noetix view? Oracle database tables Flexfield column in the table [Oracle EBS upgrade] [doesn’t break] [remaps view] ATTRIBUTE1: “Customer Status” Flexfield column in the view Cust. Status

  22. NoetixViews Coverage

  23. Combine your set up with our subject matter expertise Information about your enterprise application Business Best Practices Financials Supply Chain Object Definition User Interfaces Human Resources Mfg. Business Rules Security [Interrogated] [Handcrafted] Generated data Business Views Reports Business Glossary [Configuration-specific Views] [Configuration-specific Answers] [Configuration-specific Help]

  24. Reporting from both 11i and Rel. 12 Some Customers want both V11.5.10 • Legacy data • Validation R12 [ reports written against Noetix views ]

  25. Noetix Provides a Reporting Application With Any Front End Tool Noetix HelpFile OBI EE Cognos Discoverer

  26. Noetix Generator for Oracle BI Generate object definitions Export UDML Convert UDML to RPD UDML Oracle E-Business Suite Generate Oracle BI Answers NoetixViews RPD (Repository Model) NoetixAnswers OracleBI Server

  27. Noetix Generator for Oracle BI • Any product / tool that works with the Oracle BI Server will work with generated RPD file • Oracle BI Answers • Oracle Interactive Dashboards • Oracle BI Publisher • Oracle BI Delivers • Oracle Briefing Books Supports Current Shipping Version

  28. Noetix Generator for Cognos Oracle E-Business Suite Generate query subjects Publish packages XML NoetixViews CognosContent Store Generates NoetixViews Roles

  29. Noetix Generator for Cognos • Framework Manager • Report Studio • Query Studio • Content is publishedinto the Cognos Content Store Supports Cognos 8 BI environment

  30. Noetix Generator for Business Objects Oracle E-Business Suite Generate object definitions Export universes UNV NoetixViews BusinessObjects CMS Generate security groups

  31. Noetix Generator for Business Objects • Universe Designer • InfoView • Web Intelligence • Desktop Intelligence • Crystal Reports Support for BusinessObjects XI R2 and Edge Series Standard (formerly Crystal Decisions Standard)

  32. What’s In It for You? • Cost effective and faster time to market • Successfully meeting project goals • Proven, tested and patented

  33. Questions & Answers