other uses of the vysa site n.
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Other Uses of the VYSA Site PowerPoint Presentation
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Other Uses of the VYSA Site

Other Uses of the VYSA Site

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Other Uses of the VYSA Site

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  1. Other Uses of the VYSA Site • Printing Game Day Rosters • You can do this from the Print Roster Tab OR • You can also select the Game Day Roster Tab

  2. Game Day Roster From Print Roster TabThe below screen populatesChoose Select All or Select Players You Want Then Select Print Roster

  3. Page Set Up Reminder Populates

  4. View of Game Day Roster

  5. Game Day Roster From Print Game Day Roster Tab • The same screens will populate from this tab • Again you can choose to select all and print the roster or if you know a player will be missing you can remove him from the roster • I tend to print enough rosters to cover the whole season and cross out any missing players • You should have a few copies of your APPROVED full roster and the game day roster at EVERY GAME • Some Refs want the full roster and some use the game day roster

  6. Other Options • Permission to Play across VA/DC/MD State Line on the Team Page • Field not working as there is nothing in the system to work with yet, we can address this as needed • Permission to Travel • If you travel to NC or other areas outside of Region 1 you will need a permission to travel form • You can access this on the Main Menu

  7. Permission To TravelChange the Option to E-Travel Application Forms

  8. The E-Travel Notification Page Opens(Top of Page)

  9. Mid Page

  10. PHEW! I believe that is it! • Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions: • Roberta O’Brien • Office – 271-2714 – daily 1-3pm • Email – • Cell – 363-4120 -if you can not reach me in a timely manner via one of the above methods you may call my cell but please be respectful of the time of day. I have another full-time job that I work from 7am – 5pm surrounding my 2 hours in the club office and try to reserve the evenings for my family as much as possible. Glad to help if needed but during office hours preferred if possible. • Thank you- again call with any questions.