fascism rises in europe n.
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Fascism Rises in Europe

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Fascism Rises in Europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fascism Rises in Europe. Section 15.3. Fascism’s Rise in Italy. -Italians were bitter about the results of World War 1 -Rising inflation and unemployment also contributed to widespread social unrest -Italians blamed these problems on their democratic government

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fascism s rise in italy
Fascism’s Rise in Italy

-Italians were bitter about the results of World War 1

-Rising inflation and unemployment also contributed to widespread social unrest

-Italians blamed these problems on their democratic government

-Wanted a strong leader who would take action

mussolini takes control
Mussolini takes control

-Benito Mussolini boldly promised to rescue Italy by reviving its economy and providing strong leadership

-As conditions worsened, he gained popularity

-King Emmanuel III decided putting Mussolini in charge was best

Why did Mussolini gain popularity?

What was the result of his popularity?

mussolini changes italy s government
Mussolini changes Italy’s government

-Mussolini adopts the nickname Il Duce (the leader)

-He outlaws democracy and all parties except the Fascists

-Never achieved the total control experienced by Stalin or Hitler

What was the effect of Mussolini taking control of the government?

the rise of the nazis in germany
The Rise of the Nazis in Germany

-Hitler joined a tiny political group called the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazi for short)

-Adopted the swastika as the party symbol

-After noticing Hitler’s skills as a speaker and political organizer, the party chose Hitler to be their leader

-Hitler plans to lead the Nazis in seizing power

Why did the party choose Hitler to be their leader?

What is the effect of Hitler becoming leaders of the Nazis?

hitler is sentenced to prison
Hitler is sentenced to prison

-The Nazi plan to seize power fails

-Hitler is sent to prison for treason

-Hitler writes Mein Kampf, which outlines his goals for Germany

-Calls the Treaty of Versailles an outrage

-Declares that all “non-Aryans” (Jews, Slavs, Gypsies) were inferior

-Believed that Germany should take over other countries

-Hitler was released from prison after 9 months

Why was Hitler put in prison?

What was an effect of Hitler’s prison sentence?

hitler becomes chancellor
Hitler Becomes Chancellor

-The Nazi party becomes the largest political party in Germany by 1932

-Hitler promises strong leadership and relief from economic problems

-President Paul von Hindenburg names Hitler chancellor

-Hitler uses his position to eventually take control of the entire country

-He turns Germany into a totalitarian state

Why does the President name Hitler chancellor?

What affect does this appointment have?

the fuhrer is supreme
The Fuhrer is Supreme

-As leader Hitler adopts the nickname The Fuhrer (leader)

-Mistrusts any non-Nazi ideas

-Seeks to control all press, radio, literature, painting etc. by turning them into tools for propaganda

-Burns all books that do not conform to Nazi beliefs in huge bonfires.

Why did Hitler burn books?

What effect would this have?

hitler makes war on jews
Hitler Makes War on Jews

-Anti-Semitism (Hatred of Jews) was a key part of Nazi ideology

-Nazis used Jews as a scapegoat for all of Germany’s problems

-Widespread hatred of Jews spread throughout Germany

-The Nazis passed laws depriving Jews of most rights

-Hatred of Jews increased

Why did the Nazis pass laws that deprived Jews of their rights?

What effect did these laws have?


-In 1938, Nazi mobs attacked Jews in their homes and destroyed Jewish buildings. This attack was called Kristallnacht(Night of Broken Glass)

-Signaled the beginning of the process of eliminating Jews from Germany