Fall for me melanie marks 2011 romance
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Fall For Me Melanie Marks 2011 Romance. Amy T. 1 st. Setting.

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Fall for me melanie marks 2011 romance

Fall For MeMelanie Marks2011Romance

Amy T.



  • Riley’s dads restaurant is important because both Riley and Zoey (two of the main characters) work here. This is also where Zoey over hears Riley and her boyfriend talking on the phone about Finn (her boyfriend) is cheating on her with a girl she hates. The office is part of the restaurant and is also very important cause you know that’s were the business happens and paper work is taken care of and private business calls are made.

C h a r a c t e r s


  • Man vs Self: Riley fights against his own feelings to hide them inside, so Zoey won’t find out his true feelings for her and break up with Finn.

Summary of plot
Summary of Plot

  • The story starts with Zoey thinking Riley hates her, but really Riley has secret crush on her. Riley just doesn’t want to let Zoey see his feelings for her because she is dating his best friend. After Zoey finds out Finn is cheating on her with a girl she hates, Riley then lets out his true feelings. Does Zoey like him back or will she reject him.


  • Is a sign of hate really a sign of love?

  • Text Evidence 1: “Jones! I don’t hate you.” Page 2.

  • Text Evidence 2: “ You have this so wrong, Jones.”Page 9.

  • Text Evidence 3: “ You’re not in my way, Jones.” Page 14

Point of view
Point of View

  • This book was written in 3rd Person Point of view because the author didn’t want to leave you hangin’ and wondering how other people feel so instead she told you how everybody feels and their emotions. If this book was written from a different point of view it wouldn’t be the same, for the reason of not knowing how everybody feels. We would’ve never found out Riley’s true feelings for Zoey.


  • I don’t really see a sign of symbolism in this book because every thing is really blunt it’s not hiding anything.

  • What will it be??? Together or Apart….


  • I personally recommend this book to teen girls because I doubt boys would want to read about love and having to choose between your boyfriend and his best friend. It’s all about the love, the love, the love!!!!<3 For a girl it’s a very good book!:D

Website for pictures!!!

  • http://sharebookfree.com/book-author/melanie-marks/

  • If you read this book and like it also try His Kiss by Melanie Marks, really good book.