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Relationship Marketing

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Relationship Marketing . Presented by: Nadine Yousry 409068 Soha El-Bakatoushy 409138 Walaa Samy 409077 Presented to: Dr.Nagwa Mohamed. What is meant by relationship marketing ?.

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relationship marketing

Relationship Marketing

Presented by:

Nadine Yousry 409068

Soha El-Bakatoushy 409138

Walaa Samy 409077

Presented to:

Dr.Nagwa Mohamed

what is meant by relationship marketing
What is meant by relationship marketing ?
  • Relationship marketing is an approach which emphasizes the continuing relationships that should exist between the organization and its customers.
  • It emphasize the importance of customer service and quality and developing a series transactions with consumers.
origin of the relationship marketing
Origin of the relationship marketing:
  • In 1983 Levitt wrote : In a great and increasing proportion of transactions, the relationship actually intensifies subsequent to the sale .
  • It becomes a central factor in the buyer's choice of the seller the next time .
  • Relationship marketing is strongly linked to business process reengineering . According to this reengineering theory, organizations should be structured according to complete tasks and processes .
usage of relationship marketing
usage of relationship marketing
  • Relationship Marketing and traditional transactional marketing are not mutually exclusive and they are not necessarily in conflict with each other relationship marketing.
  • maybe more suitable in the following circumstances or situations:
  • High value product or service
  • Industrial products
  • product are not generic commodities
  • switching costs are high
steps in relationship marketing process
Steps in relationship marketing process:
  • Identify critical service issues
  • set service standards for all aspects of service delivery
  • Develop customer communication systems
  • train employees on building and maintaining a good relationship with clients .
  • Monitor service standards reward staff for exceeding service levels, correct sub-standard service levels
  • Ensure that each employee fully understands the importance of quality and relationships in the marketing philosophy
advantages of relationship marketing
Advantages of relationship marketing
  • Focus on providing value to customers
  • Emphasis on customer retention
  • The method is an integrated approach to marketing service and quality.
  • Long term customers may initiate free word of mouth promotions.
  • Long terms customers are less likely to switch to competitors ,This makes it more difficult for competitors to enter the market.
disadvantages of relationship marketing
Disadvantages of relationship marketing
  • Relatively low value products or services
  • Consumer products
  • Generic commodities
  • Switching costs are low
  • Clients prefer a single transaction to relationships
  • No/low customers involvement in production
why is relationship marketing important
Why is relationship marketing important?
  • Relationship marketing is very important as it creates more personal bonds and links between the business' customers, suppliers, employees and business referrals, among other stakeholders.
  • This improves loyalty between the business and its respective stakeholders, thus ensuring sustainable growth in the long run.
the 7 biggest mistakes in relation marketing
the 7 biggest mistakes in Relation Marketing :
  • No enrollment
  • program lapses
  • Loss of interest
  • make it hard
  • dollars don't solve everything
  • NO customer ownership
  • All about the brand
the impact of relationship marketing on customer loyalty
The impact of relationship marketing on customer loyalty
  • A relationship marketing strategy uses personalized communication to sell product or service.
  • Relationship marketing establishes long term contact between a business and its customers in order to increase profits.
  • A business gathers and uses customer data to provide discounts , complimentary products
  • Grocery store club discounts cards , airline frequent flier rewards and other customer loyalty programs are examples of relationship marketing strategies .
  • A successful relationship marketing strategies attracts and retains profitable customers .
pizza hut s customer service
Pizza Hut’s Customer service
  • Pizza Hut's customer satisfaction survey which is usually a two step process.
  • The first step is an online survey about the ordering process and what could be improved.
  • The second step usually occurs the next day, or at least after the customer has received their order and consumed it. This second survey deals with the delivery speed, food warmth, and other customer service related issues