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Relationship Marketing VS Customer Relationship Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Relationship Marketing VS Customer Relationship Management

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Relationship Marketing VS Customer Relationship Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Relationship Marketing VS Customer Relationship Management. By Langgeng Setyono Business Administration . Marketing is a very important part in the business organization. . Marketing. Important. Introduction. A successful business organization must have a good marketing management. .

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relationship marketing vs customer relationship management

Relationship Marketing VS Customer Relationship Management

By LanggengSetyono

Business Administration


A successful business organization must have a good marketing management.


Company Success



Company Failed


Getting customers or consumers

Marketing Duties

Maintaining customer

Face environmental changes including competitive response

Marketing Relationship

Need Strategy

Customer Relationship Marketing


Relationship Marketing

The development of marketing

The Reason Why MR become strategy


Relationship Marketing


Relationship marketing is growing in the business world because businessmen realize that in order to develop and maintain a business, not only to get a lot of customers, but also how to get customers, nurture and retain those customers


Relationship Marketing


Duncan, and Moriaty relationship marketing is a marketing approach to customers that enhance the company's long-term growth and maximum customer satisfaction.

Kotler and Armstrong, "Relationship marketing is the process of creating, maintaining and transferring excellence, value-laden relationship between customers and other stakeholders".


Relationship Marketing


Propose that relationship marketing refers to marketing activities aiming at establishing and maintaining “relational exchanges”. Also, continuous process focusing in three communication elements: interaction, dialogue and value. Within a web site’s online environment “communication” could be translated to information exchange, direct two-way communication and customised interactive transactions.


Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing Program


Relationship Marketing

Benefits of Marketing Relationship


Customer Relationship Mangement

  • Many aspects are covered in the CRM. These aspects will generally deal directly with one of the following aspects:
  • Front office operations that directly interact with customers such as direct meeting, phone call, e-mail, online services, etc..
  • Back office operations are highly influential on the activity on the service in the front office as part payment, maintenance, planning, marketing, etc..
  • Business relationships, the interaction with the company and other partners such as suppliers / vendors, retail outlets and distribution, industrial networks. The external network will support activities in the front and back office.
  • Key Data in CRM can be analyzed with a view to planning a campaign to targeted marketing, to understand the business strategy, and decide the success of CRM activities such as market share, customer characteristics, revenues and profits.

Customer Relationship Marketing

  • Basic model of CRM which contain to basic components:
  • A database of customer activity,
  • Analyses of the database,
  • Given the analyses, decisions about customers to target
  • tools for targeting the customer,
  • How to build relationships with the Targeted customers

The Important of MR VS CRM

Old paradigm

  • At first the company only focused on increasing production capacity and sales volume.
  • Manufacturers just thinking how to increase profit only, consumers only in view of an object which only consume goods and services alone.
  • Consumers are considered nothing more than just a transactional relationship object, after the transaction the relationship between producers and consumers has been completed.

The Important of RM VS CRM

The Important of MR

  • Relationship marketing is an important value in the marketing business enterprise is
  • It is hoped that consumers are satisfied with the products and services offered.
  • able to establish long-term relationship with their customer. Long-term relationship means that loyal customers who have a high retention rate to stay in touch with the company in satisfying their needs and wants are satisfied. The focus of relationship marketing is to acquire and retain customers.
  • treat customers well, increasing the company's core services through value addition, and most importantly provide the service that is needed by each individual. Basically the core of customer relationship marketing.

The Important of RM VS CRM

The Important of CRM