the organization of the church 1 ephesians 4 7 15 n.
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The Organization of the Church-1 Ephesians 4:7-15 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Organization of the Church-1 Ephesians 4:7-15

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The Organization of the Church-1 Ephesians 4:7-15 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Organization of the Church-1 Ephesians 4:7-15. Introduction-1. The emphasis of this section is on what Christ did for His church He gave gifts to the church in its infancy These were men who served as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers

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introduction 1
  • The emphasis of this section is on what Christ did for His church
  • He gave gifts to the church in its infancy
  • These were men who served as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers
  • To equip His church for its growth, edification and protection
  • They are a part of the organization that Christ ordained that His church should have
  • Many of these men possessed miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit needed to accomplish their work- I Cor. 12:7-10
introduction 2
  • The spiritual gifts eventually ceased and were replaced by Jesus’ written will for His church- I Cor. 13:8
  • Then prophets who directly revealed God’s will were no longer needed
  • But the need for organization and leadership will continue until Christ returns
  • I want to begin a series of lessons examining the organization that Jesus wants His church to have
the church 1
The Church-1
  • The word translated church (ecclesia) means an assembly of people called out of the world to serve the Lord
  • It is used in the New Testament in three ways:
  • The universal church
  • Comprised of all the saved- Acts 2:47
  • Over which Jesus is the only sovereign and head- Eph. 1:22-23
  • Its only other organization consists of the apostles- Mt. 18:18
the church 2
The Church-2
  • A group of churches in a particular region or area
  • Like the churches of Macedonia or Galatia- II Cor. 8:1 & Gal. 1:2
  • The only common organization these churches had was the guidance of Christ through His apostles- II Cor. 11:28
  • Yet each individual church had its own organization according to the teaching of the apostles

3. The local church

the church 3
The Church-3
  • Comprised of christiansmeeting, worshipping and working together in a particular location- I Cor. 1:2
  • Compared to a physical body- I Cor. 12:27
  • Autonomous and without organizational connection to any other local church
  • This is a part of the wisdom of God concerning His church- Eph. 3:10
  • It is the organization of the local church that I want to consider further in this series of lessons
the need for organization 1
The Need for Organization-1
  • Organization and leadership are needed for any group of people to function effectively and efficiently
  • God provided spiritual leadership and organization for Israel through the priesthood, Levites and prophets
  • Leadership and organization are needed in the church today
  • To maintain its purity and to accomplish all that the Lord wants it to do
the need for organization 2
The Need for Organization-2
  • The Lord has given to us “all things” which pertain to life and godliness- II Pet. 1:3
  • That is true both for individual christians and churches
  • Faithful christianslead by example
  • But God has a pattern for organization and leadership for local churches just as He had for Israel- Heb. 8:5
  • Only by following that pattern can we please Him
types of church organization 1
Types of Church Organization-1
  • There are four possible types of church organization:

1. Unscripturally organized

  • Organization that is common in modern denominations
  • Churches with officers which are not mentioned in the New Testament or names that are used in a different way
  • Conferences, conventions and synods that rule over local churches
  • Many have unqualified people serving as church leaders
  • This includes some churches of Christ today
  • May also include unscriptural organization within a church
types of church organization 2
Types of Church Organization-2
  • Uscripturally Unorganized
  • Churches who have people that are qualified to serve as church leaders
  • But they are either not willing to serve or members refuse to allow them to serve
  • Either situation is a violation of the will of Christ
  • One who is qualified should want to serve, and all faithful Christians should want to have qualified leaders
types of church organization 3
Types of Church Organization-3

3. Scripturally Unorganized

  • Churches without men who meet the qualifications to be church leaders
  • Expected condition in young churches
  • The churches of Asia Minor established on Paul’s first missionary trip was in that condition for some time- Acts 14:21-23
  • A church is better off in this condition than to be unscripturally organized
  • But a church should not want to remain unorganized
types of church organization 4
Types of Church Organization-4
  • Scripturally Organized
  • A church having fully qualified men who have been appointed serving as elders- Acts 14:23
  • Who are submissive to the authority of Christ
  • Directing the worship and work of the church according to the pattern provided in the New Testament
  • And deacons who serve the needs of the local church- Phil. 1:1
  • This is Christ’s plan for the organization of His church
  • Organization and leadership are necessary to the effective and efficient functioning of any group
  • Christ has provided in the New Testament a pattern of organization and leadership for His church
  • Every member of the church should desire and work toward having the organization and leadership that Christ wants His church to have
  • Are you a member of Christ’s church this afternoon?