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Winter Holidays Around the World! PowerPoint Presentation
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Winter Holidays Around the World!

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Winter Holidays Around the World!
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Winter Holidays Around the World!

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  1. Winter Holidays Around the World! 3rd grade Standard 2: Students will understand culture factors that shape a community.

  2. Winter Holidays around the world are all celebrated differently… AMERICA ISRAEL CHINA MEXICO

  3. America -In the United States CHRISTMAS is observed on the 25th of December. -Families decorate Christmas Trees with lights and ornaments. -Santa leaves presents for the children on the night of the 24thif they are good. If they are bad they receive a lump of coal. - The children leave cookies and milk out for Santa to enjoy!

  4. China • Most Chinese people are not Christian, the main winter festival in China is the Chinese New Year. • "Spring Festival” takes place toward the end of January. • Children receive new clothing, eat luxurious meals, receive new toys, and enjoy firecracker displays. • An important aspect of the New Year celebration is the worship of ancestors. Portraits and paintings of ancestors are brought out and hung in the main room of the home.

  5. Mexico • The main Christmas celebration in Mexico is called Las posadas, which refers to processions reenacting Joseph and Mary's search for a place to stay in Bethlehem. • The poinsettia is native to Mexico and is included in their Christmas celebration. • Food and drink are served and then children take turns trying to break open the piñata.

  6. Israel -Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday, is an eight day festival of light. -They light a Menorah. A single flame on the first night, two on the second evening, and so on till the eighth night of Hanukkah, when all eight lights are kindled. -They receive gifts each night. -A common gift is the dreidel.

  7. What are some of the traditions you celebrate with your family? *Get into a group and discuss your traditions.

  8. Activity! • Make a dreidel. • Color a piñata. • Write a letter to Santa. • Color the Happy Chinese New Year Page.