Holidays around the world
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Holidays Around The World Miss.Suluki Hanukkah A Jewish holiday When translated Hanukkah means “dedication” It is also called the “Festival of Lights” Last for 8 days and nights Starts on 25 th day of Kislev

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Holidays Around TheWorld


Hanukkah l.jpg

  • A Jewish holiday

  • When translated Hanukkah means “dedication”

  • It is also called the “Festival of Lights”

  • Last for 8 days and nights

  • Starts on 25th day of Kislev

  • Celebrates the Maccabees reclaiming the temple on Jerusalem's Mount Moriah in 165 BCE

How hanukkah is celebrated l.jpg
How Hanukkah is Celebrated

  • Each evening of Hanukkah one candle is lit on the Menorah

  • Families sing Hanukkah song’s while watching the candles burn

  • Latkes fried in oil, jelly doughnuts and many other treats fried in oil are enjoyed

  • Children play with Dreidels a four sided "top"

Kwanzaa l.jpg

  • An African American cultural feast

  • Kwanzaa is derived from the Swahili phrase "matunda ya kwanza",

  • When translated means "first fruits".

  • Kwanzaa is celebrated from December 26 to January 1

  • It was Created by Ron Karenga in 1966 as the first African-American holiday

  • There are seven symbols of Kwanzaa straw mat, candle holder, seven candles, corn, unity cup, crops, gifts

How kwanzaa is celebrated l.jpg
How Kwanzaa is celebrated

  • Each night an elder pours a libation of juice or wine from the unity cup onto the ground to honor the ancestors

  • One candle for the principle to be celebrated that day is lit on the Kinara, starting with the black candle

  • Each candle represents “The Seven Principles of Blackness: Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima,Nia,Kumbaa,Imani

  • A gift is given each day to reinforce the principle of the day

  • The Karamu is held on the last night December 31st

  • It is celebrated with food, gifts, storytelling, and African music.

Eid al fitr l.jpg
Eid Al-Fitr

  • A Muslim feast

  • When Eid Al-Fitr is translated it means “Celebration of the Breaking of Fast”

  • It is a three day celebration commemorating the ending of Ramadan

  • During the month of Ramadan Muslims fast from sun up to sun down

  • It is celebrated on the first day of the month of Shawall