sustainability and embedding n.
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The Atelier-D - Year Two PowerPoint Presentation
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The Atelier-D - Year Two

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The Atelier-D - Year Two - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Atelier-D Project (Achieving Transformation, Enhanced Learning and Innovation through Educational Resources in Design) is a 2-year JISC Research funded proejct. This PP outlines the Year 2 activities.

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The Atelier-D - Year Two

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sustainability and embedding


Achieving Transformation, Enhanced Learning and Innovation through Educational Resources in Design

Sustainability and Embedding

project update


Social Networking of Design Learners ~ Facebook


Mapping of Design Thinking and Practice ~ Compendium


Conferencing to Support Collaborative Work ~ Elluminate


Collaborative Design in a Virtual Environment ~ Second Life


Peer-2-Peer Assessment ~ Flickr


Using an Online Design Studio Environment ~ OpenDesignStudio

Completed Six Course Delivery Innovations (CDIs) ~ Year One


project status

Three Program Delivery Innovations (PDIs) ~ Year Two


PDI One: Community of Online Designers ~ OpenDesignStudio

  • Currently being rolled out within the new Level 1 course: U101: Design Thinking
  • First presentation Feb 2010
  • 350 design students
  • Improved engagement
  • Embedded within the course

Project Status

project status1

Program Delivery Innovations (PDIs) ~ Year Two


PDI Two: Knowledge and Resource Sharing for Tutors ~ GoogleWave

  • Evaluating the requirement for an online knowledge sharing resource:
  • Exploring Googlewave
  • inclusive: aimed at all course tutors
  • Sharing resources, ideas & experiences
  • Collaborative building of environment
  • Closed discussion areas

Project Status

project status2

Program Delivery Innovations (PDIs) ~ Year Two


PDI Three: Cross-Programme Network ~ desigNing

  • Create an online community for all design students across all programmes:
  • Exploring Ning
  • Began in February 2010
  • Over 100 members
  • Dynamic and interactive
  • Simulates a ‘Social Space’ similar to the ‘café’ or ‘corridor’ interactions that happen within a traditional atelier.

Project Status

project forecast

Application of OpenDesignStudio (ODS) within U101: Design Thinking plus other core design courses -T211: Design and Designing and T307: Innovation: Design for a Sustainable Future.

Possible application of Atelier-D work in non-design OU Courses? Major opportunities for ODS, Elluminate, Ning, Compendium.

  • Application of tools and learning in other universities:
  • ODS trial with a selected university to support face-to-face design education.
  • European funding bid: Language learning in architectural education (ODS, SecondLife).
  • Creating a social community of design learners and educators:
  • Social networking (Ning) providing a fun, interactive space.
  • Community resource for tutors and staff.
  • Extending life of Atelier-D through ‘Open Educational Resources’.
  • Acquiring and assimilating information, sharing, solving, prototyping, evaluating.

Sustainability and Embedding of Atelier-D

Project Forecast