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Holiday Safety Tips. Introduction. While we all love and enjoy the holiday season, it can bring many unfamiliar hazards into our lives.

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While we all love and enjoy the holiday season, it can bring many unfamiliar hazards into our lives.

As we rush to stores to purchase those last minute gifts, cook large feasts for our families and friends and travel the world over to spend time with loved ones, this presentation is a reminder to be aware of potential Holiday Hazards and how you can stay safe during this wonderful season!


Safety precautions people must take to prevent injuries during the winter holidays should be focused on mitigating fire hazards such as:

  • Cooking fires

  • Candles

  • Christmas trees

  • Decorations

  • Traveling

  • Non working smoke detectors

  • Holiday parties

Fire prevention
Fire Prevention

  • Ensure fire hazards are prevented, including:

    • Christmas trees are unplugged if not in the office

    • Christmas lights are unplugged if not in the office

    • Combustible material not stored near an ignition source

  • At home:

    • Cooking fires are the most common type of fire during the holiday season

    • Holiday season increases the use of candles

    • Christmas trees Hazards

    • Smoke detectors

Candle hazards
Candle Hazards

  • Candles are not to be used at the office.

  • If using candles at home:

    • Make sure they are kept away from flammable materials.

    • Make sure to put it out when you are not in the area

    • Use extreme caution with candles if you have children in the house.

Christmas tree hazards
Christmas Tree Hazards

  • A dry Christmas tree, when it burns, virtually explodes and anything within the area will be fully engulfed in flames

  • Check the water level every day

  • Replace any broken bulbs on Christmas tree lights immediately

    • If you notice any bare wires or problems with cords, don't use them; replace them immediately.

  • Keep Christmas trees away from any open flame or any source of heat, including electrical cords, fireplaces, candles, electric heaters, kerosene heaters and other potential ignition source

  • Ensure Christmas trees do not block pathways or exits so that there is always a clear path in case of an emergency


  • Make sure fragile glass ornaments or ornaments that small children could mistake for candy are placed high on the tree or consider not using them.

  • If small children are in the home, do not use older ornaments that may be made with toxic materials such as lead based paints.

  • Make sure that tinsel is not placed on low limbs where it could pose a choking hazard to small children or consider not using it at all.

Decorative lighting
Decorative Lighting

  • Make sure lights have a factory label which assures they have been safety tested.

  • Inspect each string of lights to make sure there is no damage.

  • Position bulbs so they are not in contact with tree needles or ornaments.

  • If you string lights together, don’t string more than 200 midget or 50 larger bulbs through one string.

  • Don’t connect more than 3 sets of lights on the same extension cord.

  • Keep cords and plugs away from the water under the tree.

  • Keep cords out of walkways to prevent tripping.

  • Don’t run cords under carpets or rugs.

  • Take care not to pinch cords when placing behind furniture.

Smoke detectors
Smoke Detectors

  • When at home:

    • Make sure you have smoke detectors in every main area of the house, including outside the sleeping areas.

    • Make sure they are functioning properly. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for testing them to make sure they do work.

    • When you hear the sound that indicates a low battery, replace that battery immediately. Don't just throw it away because you may forget to replace it.

Holiday parties
Holiday Parties

  • Don’t drink alcohol in excess.

  • 1 beer = 1 shot of whiskey = 1 glass of wine.

  • Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach.

  • Feel free to refuse alcohol regardless of pressure or encouragement to drink.

  • Don’t drink alcohol if you are pregnant or are using medication.


Discussion questions
Discussion Questions:

  • Why do you think people often forget about safety during the holidays?

  • What can you do to make sure safety will be one of your top priorities this December?

  • Have you or someone you know ever experienced an incident? What contributed to the incident and what could have been done to prevent it?

  • What are some holiday hazards that were not discussed in the presentation?

    • What can be done to prevent these hazards from causing problems?