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Genetic Engineering 101

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Genetic Engineering 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Genetic Engineering 101. Karen Ziegler, B.S. October 20, 2011. Outline. History of Biotechnology New Biotechnology = Genetic Engineering and GMO’s Imagine What’s Happening to Fruits? What Are We Doing To Veggies? What Are We Doing To Animals? Pro’s of bt-foods

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Genetic Engineering 101

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    1. Genetic Engineering 101 Karen Ziegler, B.S. October 20, 2011

    2. Outline History of Biotechnology New Biotechnology = Genetic Engineering and GMO’s Imagine What’s Happening to Fruits? What Are We Doing To Veggies? What Are We Doing To Animals? Pro’s of bt-foods Con’s of bt-foods Benefits for Seniors Labels References

    3. History of Biotechnology • Cheeses: Swiss vs. Cheddar. Provolone vs. Mozzarella. • Feta vs. Parmesan. • Bread: Wheat, White, French or Sourdough. • Beer: Wheat, Pilsner, Ale, • Lager, Amber, Stout.

    4. New Biotechnology=Genetic Engineering GMO’s...Imagine • Specific genes are manipulated…we get our desired result. • This is called Biotechnology, GMO’s or Genetic Engineering. • Transgenic: Adding the gene of one species to another. • Nickname: “bt”

    5. Imagine… • I’d like my unborn child to have blue eyes. • I’d like a dog exactly like the one that just died. • I’d like my strawberries with an added peanut • butter taste. • I’d like my spinach to last longer on the shelf. • I’m going to grow grapes, which can grow in in bad soil, but they grow all year long!

    6. What’s Happening to Fruits? • Transgenic Peppers can be made sweeter. • Aroma precursors are added for better flavor. • Transgenic tomatoes ripen on the vine and • Survive transport and • soften later. • Graisins are giant raisins. Hey “Mr. Big Stuff!”

    7. What are we Doing to Veggies? • Most of the U.S. soybeans are transgenic. They have a much higher protein content. • bt-corn has a natural pesticide. • bt-corn is pest resistant. • Golden rice has A vitamins which now gives it a orange- like color. Vitamin A prevents blindness. • Multi colored carrots.

    8. What Are We Doing to Animals? • Beef are given hormones to increase muscularity. muscle = meat to eat • Milk cows are producing 15% more milk. • Farm raised Salmon get larger faster. • Chickens are developing larger breasts. Is that chicken drinking my milk?

    9. Pros of “bt” Foods • Great tasting fruits and vegetables. And they look good too! • Developing Countries are using Food rations full of vitamins. • Little spoilage. Buy it ripe but eat it later. The food will lasts longer. • Less seasonal food as it’s available longer as weather won’t matter. • More nutritious so less supplements are needed. • Healthy eating cuts down on medical bills. • More crops can be grown on less land and where it couldn’t grow before. • Less pests to worry about.

    10. Cons of “bt” Foods • Contamination to the gene. • The Monarch butterfly has been greatly affected by this crystal protein in bt-corn. • The new bt-plant may harm the natural plant. • A new stronger pest may evolve. • Will the new pest control cause cancer or promote a new super weed? • We are changing nature. (A loaf of dog?) • Large companies will dominate.

    11. Benefits for Seniors • Better nutrition from soybeans with higher protein. • Potatoes with nutritional starch and improved amino acids. • Taking your medication in the form of food. • Combining medications through the use of food. • Helping to prevent blindness by getting vitamin A from golden rice due to the beta-carotene genetically installed. • Beans with more essential amino acids. • Replacing organic with bt-foods is cheaper. • No pesticides means less chemicals in our water.

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