biography of juan carreno de miranda n.
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Biography of Juan Carreno de Miranda

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Biography of Juan Carreno de Miranda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Biography of Juan Carreno de Miranda . By Justin Park. Background Period.

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background period
Background Period
  • The period of the time Juan Carreno de Miranda was alive was the Baroque Period. Baroque Period is the Western Cultural started roughly from 17th Century, or the 1600s in Rome, Italy. The products of painting, painting, literature, dance, and music in this periods are shown by a splendor impressiveness. Also, some were based on aristocracy, or the nobles.
background cont
Background (cont.)
  • In many European languages, Baroque usually means “rough or imperfect pearl.” There are many models for impressionist painters, or painters that express the painter’s impression or feeling based on the view. An example of these painters are Juan Carreno de Miranda.
birth and youth
Birth and Youth
  • Juan Carreno de Miranda had a father, with the same name, was a nameless Spanish painter. Juan Carreno de Miranda’s Birthday is March 25th, 1614. However, not much is known about his mother. In 1568, he started his art career as an apprentice hired as an assistant to Pedro de Las Cuevas and Bartolomé Roman in Madrid in the studio of Pedro de las Cuevas.
youth cont
Youth (cont.)
  • In his age of twenty, Miranda was taught all of what his master could teach him. Because of his great talents, he gained the commission to decorate the mirrors in the palace of Alcazar. Then, he was appointed as the court painter under Charles II. In 1667 Carreño petitioned to replace Sebastián de Herrera Barnuevo, Pintor de Cámara as the court painter and reached a high position. His actual royal success was from 1667 and after.
  • His works are examples of realism. They and mostly was influenced by Diego de Velázquez and Sir Anthony Van Dyck. He drew many elegant portraits of amassers, royalty, and nobles and frescoes, drawing on a wet wall or canvas. However, his art work are shadowed by Velaquez, one of the best painters of Spain.

The Duke of Pastrana

Charles II

  • Juan Carreno de Miranda died in October 3, 1685. By the time he died, he was 71 years old.
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