wordpress on the ontario science center n.
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WordPress on The Ontario Science Center PowerPoint Presentation
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WordPress on The Ontario Science Center

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WordPress on The Ontario Science Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WordPress on The Ontario Science Center. By: Rebecca Gledhill. Description of WordPress.

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description of wordpress
Description of WordPress

I have chosen to do my computer application using WordPress. This application allows you to make a number of different posts on the same topic or a different topic. You can also add different pages so that the people viewing it can find things easier.

who was this made for
Who was this made for?

I made this application for the Ontario Science Center. This application makes people aware of what is happening at the Science Center and is basically free advertising for them.

improvements and issues
Improvements and Issues

Next time I am to create a WordPress page I would do more planning before I created it so that I could organize the pages better. Also this would allow for easier navigation for the people viewing the page.

I didn’t come across any issue this time in creating my page.

clippings from my wordpress
Clippings from my WordPress

This picture shows the title of my wordpress page and the three pages that I have created to go along with my posts.


This is a clipping of part of one of the events that will be taking part at the center. Along the side you can see the hours of operation and map to get to the Science Center.


This is part of the contact page that I created. I found that it would be important to put on the wordpress page incase there is any questions that people may have.

link to wordpress
Link to WordPress
  • http://ontariosciencecenter.wordpress.com/
  • This is a link to the wordpress page so that it can be viewed in more depth.