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Sister Callista Roy, PhD, RN, FAAN. Professor and Nurse Theorist. Professor and Nurse Theorist. Born in LA on October 14,1939, and worked as a pantry girl at a hospital by age 14, then a maid, and later became a Nurse’s Aide. BSN – 1963 - Mount Saint Mary’s

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Sister Callista Roy, PhD, RN, FAAN

Professor and Nurse Theorist

Professor and nurse theorist l.jpg
Professor and Nurse Theorist

  • Born in LA on October 14,1939, and worked as a pantry girl at a hospital by age 14, then a maid, and later became a Nurse’s Aide.

  • BSN – 1963 - Mount Saint Mary’s

  • MSN, 1966; MA in sociology, 1973; Ph.D. in Sociology, 1977 - University of California, LA

  • Dr. Roy is with the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet. (this is what led her to nursing).

Professional contributions l.jpg
Professional Contributions

  • Research: 163 studies: 1970-94.

  • Books: 1. The Roy Adaptation Model: The Definition Statement; 2. The Roy Adaptation: Model-Based Research: 25 years of contribution to Nursing Science.

  • Journal Publications- Research & papers on nursing knowledge have appeared in Image: Journal of Nursing Scholarship.

  • Her model has been used to develop nursing school curriculum and in 1987 over 100,000 nurses graduated from schools emphasizing the Roy Adaptation Model.

Awards l.jpg

  • 1989 Fulbright Senior Scholar Award from Australian-American Educational Foundation (to fund the translation of her books into French, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese).

  • 1991 National League for Nursing honored her with the Martha Rogers Award for advancing nursing science.

  • 1991 The Sister Callista Roy Lectureship was established.

Callista roy s definition of nursing l.jpg
Callista Roy’s Definition of Nursing

  • A scientific discipline that is practice-oriented.

  • A theoretical system of knowledge which prescribes a process of analysis and action r/t the care of the ill or potentially ill.

  • An interpersonal process that is initiated by the individual’s maladaptation to changes in the environment.

  • Nursing actions are directed to reduce or

    removing stimuli and to enhancing the adaptive level of the individual.

Nursing the 4 modes l.jpg
Nursing: The 4 Modes

  • Physiological mode- 5 basic physiological

    needs (Oxygenation, nutrition, elimination, activity and

    rest, and protection) and 4 regulator processes.

  • Self concept-The composition of beliefs and feelings that

    a person holds about himself.

  • Interdependence- maintaining integrity. Involves a willingness and ability to love, respect, and value others and to accept love.

  • Output-outcome of the system. The person’s behaviors characterized as adaptive responses or ineffective responses.

Goals of nursing l.jpg
Goals of Nursing

  • The promotion of adaptation in each of 4 modes: physiological needs, self concept, role function, interdependence thereby contributing to the person’s health, quality of life or death with dignity.

  • Nursing aims to increase the adaptive responses and to decrease ineffective responses.

Catchment release mechanism l.jpg
Catchment/Release Mechanism

  • Overall, her theory proposes that a primary goal of nursing be the "promotion of Patient adaptation.“

  • Thus, when a person is not adapting positively, he is of concern to nursing.

  • Once a person manifests effective behavior, he

    no longer needs nursing attention

Nursing 3 major propositions l.jpg
Nursing: 3 Major Propositions

  • Nursing action can increase a person’s adaptive responses.

  • Nursing actions can decrease a person’s ineffective responses.

  • People interact with changing environments in an attempt to achieve adaptation and health.