by gabby victor and lisbet n.
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By: gabby, victor, and lisbet. LIBYA. Important people.

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important people
Important people
  • Qadhafi formed the essential elements of his political philosophy and his world view as a schoolboy. His education was entirely Arabic and strongly Islamic, much of it under Egyptian teachers. From this education and his desert background, Qadhafi derived his devoutness and his austere, even puritanical, code of personal conduct and morals. Essentially an Arab populist, Qadhafi held family ties to be important and upheld the beduin code of egalitarian simplicity and personal honor, distrusting sophisticated, axiomatically corrupt, urban politicians. Qadhafi's ideology, fed by Radio Cairo during his formative years, was an ideology of renascent Arab nationalism on the Egyptian model, with Nasser as hero and the Egyptian revolution as a guide
important places
Important places
  • Among the important places to visit, Libya mention may be made of the old city of Tripoli famous by the name Medina. The city is characterized by narrow alleyways, a host of mosques and buildings that are dominated by Turkish and Italian architecture who ruled the city at different times of history. The former Bank of Rome and St Mary's Cathedral are some of the places to visit in Libya.
  • Another interesting place to visit, Libya is the national museum of Libya located in the city of Tripoli called Jamahiriya Museum that boasts a wide collection of statues, Islamic architecture depicting the history of the country. The VW Beetle of Colonel Gaddafi is s must watch inside the museum.
  • The Arch of Marcus Aurelius serves as an important place to visit, Libya. The arch was built in the year 163 AD and is a testimony to the might of the Roman army that once ruled the country. The Arch depicts an architecture showing Goddess Athena riding in a chariot pulled by a monster called griffin. The arch further depicts local people surrendering to the Roman forces. Together with these, a zoo and water park completes the places to visit, Libya.
physical features
Physical features
  • Libya is very mountainous many mountains, hills, snow, trees, and forests