an internet webquest on victorian england n.
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An Internet WebQuest on Victorian England PowerPoint Presentation
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An Internet WebQuest on Victorian England

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An Internet WebQuest on Victorian England - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Internet WebQuest on Victorian England.

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An Internet WebQuest on Victorian England

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IntroductionThis project is called a Webquest. It will help you to better understand many areas of Victorian life. You will work in teams of two or three to accomplish the given task. In order to be successful, you will need to work cooperatively, use your time and resources effectively and complete the task as instructed. You will need to use your research, writing and presenting skills. You are a team of reporters, photographers and journalists for Time Life. You have managed to meet someone who believes your story.


The QuestAs good journalists would, you have decided to take advantage of your unique situation. You will choose one of the following feature stories for your group to complete. Your final product will be a newsletter. Feature Stories: 1. Child Labour 2. Daily Life in Victorian England3. Victorian Fashion4. Victorian Christmas

Feature 1. Learn about child labour. Interview a child worker or factory owner to find out what it was like to write your story or article.

Feature 2. Learn about daily life in Victorian England. Interview men and woman to find out what they did, what their homes were like, what types of activities they enjoyed and the events that were going on during the time.

Feature 3. Learn about Victorian fashion. Of course every good magazine has to include fashion. Tell what the latest fashion trends were of the time.

Feature 4. Find out what Christmas was like during the Victorian era. We know that Charles Dickens is responsible for a renewed interest in Christmas, find out how the Victorians really celebrated and learn about the customs (some of which we still celebrate today.)


Phase 1 - Background: Something for EveryoneDon't forget to try to answer the 5 W's of reporting- who, what, where, when , why (and sometimes how).

  • Every group member has a specific task, but you will all be working on the writing and researching of the articles. Your specific title or task means that it is your responsibility to make sure that you as a group get that specific job done (i.e. the photographer provides texts and photos on his field, the editor sets the timeline and oversees the project etc.).
  • The following are your roles (choose one for each group member):
1. photographer/writer

Use the Internet information linked below to help you gain information specifically related to photographer/writer: In addition to sharing the writing, the photographer is responsible for locating and downloading or scanning relevant photos or drawings.

2. editor/writer

Use the Internet information linked below to gain information specifically related to editor/writer: In addition to sharing the writing, the editor is in charge of of overseeing the project. They should keep the group on task, set a timeline, and check the progress that the group is making.

The Resources
  • The Industrial Revolution - Britain becomes the workshop of the world. Use the indexes and links to find out more from this page. The BBC site full of useful information which you can navigate your way round
  • The Victorian Web - Tons of information on various aspects of Victorian Life
  • Victorian Station - Read about Victorian architecture, lifestyle, interior design, arts and literature.
  • Victorian Schools - Click on the little figure for a description of school life and click on Timetable to see their lessons!
  • Saundra Altman’s: Past Patterns - Clothing patterns of Victorian style clothing.
  • Victorian Women - The role of women in Victorian society
  • An Overview of Victoria’s Reign - Good basic background information, not too long to read, giving you an understanding of her reign
  • Britain 1700-1900: Industrial Revolution - This web site is about the technical changes of that time.
  • Victorians and the Poor - A country of two nations; many Victorians struggled to understand and explain poverty. Was this because of circumstances beyond the individual's control or the direct result of their indolence? To discourage dependency, workhouse conditions were worse than the lowest standard of the independent labourer. Find out more about the treatment of the poor
  • Railways in the 19th Century - British web site organized by people, cities, companies, etc.
  • Prisons - The Prison System in the Victorian Age
3. reporter/writer

Use the Internet information linked below to answer these questions specifically related to reporter/writer: In addition to helping to write the articles, the reporters will be responsible for printing hard copies of the articles and will have a large decision in how the newsletter will be put together.

phase 2 debating discussing and reaching consensus
Phase 2 - Debating, Discussing, and Reaching Consensus

You have all learned about a different part of Victorian England. Now group members come back to the larger Web Quest team with expertise gained by searching from one perspective. You must all now answer the Task / Quest(ion) as a group. Each of you will bring a certain viewpoint to the answer: some of you will agree and others disagree. Use information, pictures, f acts, opinions, etc. from the Web pages to put together your final product- a news letter. Your Web Quest team should write stories and articles that everyone on the team can live with.

Each group will pass in a news letter, but you will also be presenting the information to the class. Decide how you want to do this.

You probably don't want to just read your newsletter to the class. You could present it to the class as a six o'clock news report or as a journal type program such as 10 Minutes where they interview the people that they are reporting about. These are just some ideas. You decide how you want to present to the class, but remember to be creative.