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  1. LHS Q & A Welcome Class of 2022 Parents

  2. Who’s Who – Main Office • Mr. Burre– Principal • Mr. Spangler - Associate Principal • Mr. Knickerbocker - Associate Principal and Director Career Tech Programs • Mr. Smeltzer – Assistant Principal for the 11th & 12th grade students • Mr. Knuckles – Assistant Principal for the 9th & 10th grade students • Mr. Spires – Assistant Principal for 9th & 10th grade students

  3. Who’s Who – Counseling Office • Mrs. Reiber – Counselor for last names A-D • Mrs. Wooten – Counselor for last names E-J • Mrs. Roundhouse – Counselor for last names K-P • Mr. Kelley – Counselor for last names Q-U • Mrs. Collins – Counselor for last names V-Z & Department Chair

  4. The School Day • Q: How many periods a day are there? • A: There are 9 periods • Q: On a normal school day, how long are the classes? • A: Each class is 41 minutes long , with 5 minutes passing time between each period.

  5. 1st Days of School Frosh Fest Thursday, August 23rd • Required 9th grade day • Activity fair, building tour, mock schedule, & lunch • Only bring lunch money (or packed lunch) First Day of School Friday, August 24th • 9-12 Grade Start • Building will run on the 9 period schedule • Bring all regular school day materials

  6. Supplies • Q: Is there a specific supply list for 9th graders? • A: No, each teacher will let students know what is needed for the class. Come prepared on the first day with pencils, pens, and notebooks/folders. • Q: Does my student have a locker? • A: Yes, students are assigned a locker on their schedule. However, students are also allowed to carry backpacks. • Q: How does my student receive their Chromebook? • A: Students will receive their Chromebook during 1st period in the first few days of school. Please remind students that the Chromebook is school property and needs to be cared for as such.

  7. Graduation - Credits **Students must complete 2 semesters of a fine art between grades 7-12

  8. Classes at LHS • Q: How is Class Placement Determined? • A: Selection criteria must be met for placement into Honors classes • A: Students must earn an A or B in 8th grade subject classes to take College Prep classes • A: If you earn an A or B in general level classes during the first quarter of your 9th grade year, you may request to be moved to College Prep • Q: How do I qualify for a PE waiver? • A: Students are allowed to waive one of their two required physical education classes if they play two seasons of a sport, which includes Marching Band and Cheerleading. This can be two different sports, or two seasons of one sport. Students are required to pick up the waiver form in the counseling office and submit it once they complete their athletic seasons. 

  9. Graduation - Testing 1. Pass end-of-course exams in: • Algebra 1 & Geometry • Biology • US History & Government • English 9 & 10 2. Earn “remediation-free” score on admission exams (like the ACT or SAT). 3. Recognized credential or state-issued license for practice in a career & a score showing workforce readiness. (Career Tech)

  10. Scheduling • Q: Can my student make changes to their schedule? • A: The deadline for schedule change requests was June 1st. After this date only the following changes will be permitted: • No Lunch • A period with no/two scheduled class(es) • Scheduled for a class in which you have already earned credit • Scheduled for a class for which you do not meet the prerequisite • Parent/Teacher agree that a move is in the best interest of the student • Q: When do students choose their courses for the following year? • A: The course selection procedures takes place each year beginning in February.

  11. Educational Assistance • Q: Are tutors available in the school? • A: Math Lab and English Lab are available in the Media Center during the day. Your student is able to visit during a study hall or lunch. Further support is available upon request. • Q: Can students come into the library whenever they have an unassigned period or study hall? • A: Students with assigned study halls can come to the library during a study hall. Students without study hall can come during lunch.

  12. Absences • Q: Do I need to call the school if my child is sick? • A: Yes, you must call EACH DAY that your child is absent from school. The Attendance Office number is 681-7510. • Q: If my child needs to leave school early (i.e. doctor's appointment), what procedure is followed? • A: A note from home is required. The student must stop in the Attendance Office before leaving to sign out. • Q: If my child is late coming to school, where should he/she go? • A: All students must report to the Attendance Office if they are late arriving to school.

  13. Visitors • Q: What is the procedure for parents to enter the building? • A: All school visitors must enter the main entrance and are required to register upon entering and prior to conducting any business in the school.

  14. LHS Clinic • Q: If my child feels ill during the school day, what procedures are followed? • A: Students not feeling well during the school day should request a pass from their teacher to go to the clinic. Please ask your student to NOT text you to pick them up. • Q: What if my child needs to take medication while at school? • A: Medications are dispensed in the clinic. Parents must contact the clinic to discuss the student's individual medication needs during the school day and complete the appropriate paper work.

  15. Breakfast & Lunch • Q: Are any breakfast foods served in the morning? • A: Yes, all students can come for breakfast foods from each morning before school begins. Students who receive free or reduced lunch can also receive the same at breakfast. • Q: What do students do who forget to bring their lunch? • A: Students without money may see the cafeteria manager or go to the main office. No student will be permitted to go hungry. • Q:How can my student pay for their lunch? • A: Students may pay each day, bring in a check for money to be added to their account, or parents may add money to their child’s account on the school website.

  16. Transportation • Q: If I drive my child to school, where do I drop them off? • A: Student drop off is outside of the Main Office entrance. Please do not try to drop students off at the GAC entrance as this is where busses arrive and depart. • Q: How do I find out my student’s busing information? • A: Parents can visit the Transportation Department section of the LCS webpage to locate busing information.

  17. Report Cards & Interims • Q: Are report cards hand carried or mailed? • A: The first three each year are hand-carried. The final one is mailed. • Q: What about Interims? • A: All interim reports are mailed home

  18. Student Involvment • Q: How can my student get involved at LHS? • A: There are a variety of ways to get involved: • Clubs and Activities will make announcements and send emails with meeting information. • Students interested in playing a sport should watch for announcements, check the athletic website, and speak to the athletic secretary. • Band and Choir interest should speak with their counselor. • Most Career Tech Programs are available to juniors and seniors. • During Frosh Fest there will be an activity fair where students can explore their options.

  19. Future Plans • Q: Should 9th graders start making any college plans? • A: The levels of the courses 9th graders have selected, the grades they get throughout their freshman year, and any activities they are involved in will all be important when they actually begin preparing for college.

  20. Parental Involvement • Q: What types of opportunities for parent involvement are at LHS? • A: Parents are welcome to join various Booster groups such as Athletic Boosters, Academic Boosters, Band Boosters, etc • Q: How else can I find out what's happening at LHS? • A: Parents can stay in the know by: • following us on Facebook & Twitter • Signing up for the Listserve • Signing up for our E-Newsletter • Visiting the school website: • visiting the counseling website: • remind your student to check their email regularly

  21. STUDENTS Contacting Staff • Q: What is the best way for my student to meet with their teacher with questions? • A: Staff members are available between classes, during conference periods, and by email. Many teachers will also let their students know if they use a specific program such as Schoology to communicate. • Please note that when your student is absent it is their responsibility to meet with the teacher to collect any missed work. • Q: What is the best way for my student to meet with their counselor? • A: Students can stop in the counseling office before school, after school, during lunch, and during study halls. If a student needs to see a counselor during a class time they must have a pass from the teacher. Unless it is an emergency, students will be asked to complete a request to see counselor form.

  22. PARENTS Contacting Staff • Q: What is the best way for me to contact my student’s teacher? • A: It is recommended to reach out to staff members via email. All email contacts are on the school website and through Progress Book. • Q: How do I schedule a conference with my student’s teacher? • A: Parent/Teacher Conferences are on November 8th and January 31stand can be scheduled during that time by calling the main office at 740-681-7500. Individual meetings with teachers can also be scheduled as needed. • Q: What is the best way for me to reach my student’s counselor? • A: The best way to reach the your student’s counselor is through email or phone. The main line for the counseling office is 740-681-7530. Face to face meetings can be scheduled as needed.

  23. GETTING IN TOUCH WITH LHS Main Office: 681-7500 Attendance Office: 681-7510 Financial Office/Fees: 681-7540 Athletic Office: 681-7550 Media Center/Progressbook: 681-7585 Cafeteria: 681-7522 Clinic: 681-7547

  24. Counselor Emails • Mrs. Reiber – Students Last Names A-D • • Mrs. Wooten – Students Last Names E-J • • Mrs. Roundhouse – Students Last Names K-P • • Mr. Kelley – Students Last Names Q-U • • Mrs. Collins – Students Last Names V-Z •

  25. Additional Questions??