e business integration with short work placements n.
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e-Business Integration with Short Work Placements PowerPoint Presentation
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e-Business Integration with Short Work Placements

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e-Business Integration with Short Work Placements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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e-Business Integration with Short Work Placements. Rikke Duus Senior Lecturer in Marketing The Business School (r.1.duus@herts.ac.uk). Business & Academia Coming Together. The Digital Marketing Agency #1. Student Team 1. Student Team 2. Student Team 3. Student Team 4.

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e-Business Integration with Short Work Placements

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e business integration with short work placements

e-Business Integration with Short Work Placements


Senior Lecturer in Marketing

The Business School



The Digital Marketing Agency #1

Student Team 1

Student Team 2

Student Team 3

Student Team 4

Selecting the Work Placement Teams

Commercial Project Pitch

Digital Marketing Agencies

Academic Teaching Team

Placement Winner


Student attitudes towards

the commercial project pitch...

...I intend to submit the pitch


...I have a good chance of winning


...the placement can help me get a sandwich placement

Commercial Project Pitch


...expand my knowledge of e-marketing


...will help me get a job once I graduate


...adds additional pressure


...would be a great victory to win


...important for me to include on CV


...it’s important for me to submit the pitch



Student expectations

towards the work placement...

Commercial Project Pitch


Assignment linked with work placement:

  • Creative e-Marketing Project (30%)
  • Purpose of the placement;
  • To get the opportunity to work on the Creative e-Marketing Project with help from the agency
  • Unique insight into the everyday operations of a digital agency
  • Potential placement/internship opportunities
  • Achievement for the CV

Student Work Placements


Were you surprised that

you won the work placement?

  • YES – 7 students
  • Wasn't too sure whether we had done enough to win
  • Was unexpected (...) other groups’ pitches were more creative
  • I didn’t feel we were creative enough
  • Presentationwas quite basic and we thought it might not be enough
  • Other groups were submitting so I thought the chance of winning would be low
  • I thought that other teams would have done as well as us
  • NO – 3 students
  • Put a lot of effort into our pitch and believed it was good
  • Work was of a high standard
  • We exceeded our limit

Evaluation of Work Placements


What have you learnt from

attending the work placement?

  • More about putting ideas into action
  • How things get done in a real business
  • There should always be an explanation behind a suggestion
  • To think through an idea – is it achievable and how much will it cost?
  • Even small details can have a big impact
  • How agenciesuse online marketing to attract customers
  • The different roles within a marketing agency
  • More about the subject area and general office workings

Evaluation of Work Placements

Themes: Application of theory / Justification of ideas

Subject knowledge / How an agency works


If you were given the opportunity

to go on a work placement again,

would you be interested?

10 out of 10

  • Insight into working life, experience and something to put on your CV
  • The amount of experience you gain is invaluable
  • It was good experience and will help me to apply the theory
  • The more experience the betterand it would look better on my CV
  • Great opportunity to apply theory to a real business environment
  • Understand the subject from a company’s view and learn from it as you are doing practical work for that company
  • The placement was interesting, beneficial and motivating by achieving real life goals

Evaluation of Work Placements

Themes: Experience / CV / Application of theory


Has the work placement helped you

with your Creative e-Marketing Project?

9 out of 10

  • More ideas & research and confirmed to us that we were on the right track
  • More viable and understandable ideas useful to the client
  • Chance to discuss our ideas with agency and pick the most suitable
  • Improved content of the work through discussions with the agency
  • Helped us to understand the work a lot better, get new ideas & make improvements
  • Learned to work well in a team

Evaluation of Work Placements

Themes: New ideas through interaction with agency /

Improve content of work


10 out of 10 students:

would like it if more modules included a

work placements to prepare them for the future

8 out of 10 students:

thought they would receive a higher mark for the Creative e-Marketing Project due to having been on the work placement

8out of 10 students:

thought the work placement would enhance their job opportunities upon graduation

  • Evaluation of Work Placements

Student offered

paid 10-month placement with agency due to achievements on the work placement...

Unique Achievement


Purpose of placement & student experience is a match

  • Subject knowledge was enhanced through ‘real’ business case studies and application of theory to practice during the work placement
  • The students saw the benefits of the experience gained and how it will add value to their CVs


  • More communication with agencies regarding the activities planned during the work placement
  • More clear communication to the students on what will happen during the placement to manage their expectations and make them able to prepare better

Should the project pitch be mandatory or optional?

  • Is it important that all students get to do the placement?
  • How can the placement scheme be taken further?
  • How can we engage students so they fully understand whatopportunities are offered to them e.g. work placements?

Discussion Questions