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Deep Dive on Oracle SuperCluster: Engineered for Extreme Efficiency PowerPoint Presentation
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Deep Dive on Oracle SuperCluster: Engineered for Extreme Efficiency

Deep Dive on Oracle SuperCluster: Engineered for Extreme Efficiency

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Deep Dive on Oracle SuperCluster: Engineered for Extreme Efficiency

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Deep Dive on Oracle SuperCluster:Engineered for Extreme Efficiency DechangGu Hunter Li Oracle

  2. Program Agenda • A Glimpse Inside SuperCluster • SuperCluster in Action: Customer Experiences • The New SuperCluster T5-8 • How Did We Do It? • How Can I Take Advantage of Oracle SuperCluster?

  3. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

  4. Oracle SuperCluster- A Brief Glimpse Inside

  5. Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 Oracle’s Fastest Engineered System EXTREME PERFORMANCE HIGHEST EFFICIENCY NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE

  6. Extreme low latency fabric Engineered Systems: Breakthrough System Approach World’s fastest servers Extreme Application Performance Extreme performance storage SYSTEM SOFTWARE

  7. Conceptual View of Oracle SuperCluster Exadata + Exalogic Heritage Solaris Apps and Oracle 10g in VM ZFS NAS Storage Database Servers Application Servers Exadata Storage Oracle SuperCluster Exalogic Exadata

  8. Oracle SuperClusterin Action

  9. 1,000s of Engineered Systems Customers Existing Applications, Spectacular Results

  10. Oracle SuperCluster Customers Implementations and Performance Results • Mainframe replacement, Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture • 10X-30X higher performance for 18,000 concurrent users Federal Agency in North America • Performance testing comparing SPARC SuperCluster to existing SPARC and EMC storage in production environment • E-Business Suite 5X faster peak performance than production environment Global Technology Manufacturer in North America • Starting Rating Engine: 40 minutes as compared to 2.5 hours • Overall Billing: 6.4X faster; Billing Subscriptions: 8X faster • Invoicing: 5X faster Telecommunications Provider in Europe

  11. Managed Service Provider, Latin AmericaCloud Architecture for Multi-Tenant Hosting Services Application Cloud • CUSTOMER VALUE • 10x consolidation ratio • 4x datacenter efficiency improvements • 3x software license savings Database Cloud

  12. Leading Financial Institution, AsiaIBM Power Systems Displacement for Securities Trading • CUSTOMER VALUE • Lowest TCO and ROI • Investment protection with elastic • cloud based architecture • Extreme performance • High availability • CUSTOMER BENEFITS • 19x consolidation ratio • 5x time to value • 2x savings in datacenter infrastructure • costs • Extreme Performance: 9,000 concurrent • online users and 1,000 offline terminals; • sub-second response times DataGuard DEV AND TEST PRIMARY REMOTE IBM POWER SYSTEMS DISASTER RECOVERY ARCHITECTURE


  14. SuperCluster T5-8 Product Enhancements Compared to SuperCluster T4-4 2.5X 33% PERFORMANCE STORAGE CAPACITY

  15. Introducing Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 Oracle’s Fastest Engineered System EXTREME PERFORMANCE • Powered by the world’s fastest database and application server • 10X faster database and Java applications HIGHEST EFFICIENCY • 10X database compression • Zero overhead virtualization NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE • Zero downtime maintenance

  16. Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 The Best System for Database and Application Consolidation and Private Cloud OLTP Java Apps ERM/CRM Batch DataWarehousing IndustryApps SuperCluster T5-8: The Database & Application Cloud System CustomApps Analytics

  17. Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 The Best System for Database and Application Consolidation and Private Cloud Your existing appsjust run.

  18. How Did We Do It?

  19. Powered By The World’s Fastest Processor Oracle SPARC T5 T5 Improvements Over T4 • 2X cores • Higher clock speed • 2.5X memory bandwidth • 2X cache System Improvements • 5X memory bandwidth • 4X I/O bandwidth • 2X memory capacity • 5X application performance 17+ WORLD RECORDBENCHMARKS

  20. What is Oracle SuperCluster T5-8? Best of Breed Technology Engineered to Work Together • 2x SPARC T5-8 • Each with same performance as an IBM Power 780+ • 288TB Exadata & 60TB ZFS Storage • 16.8TB Flash Cache • Executes Oracle Database and I/O operations • Low Latency Network Fabric • Massive bandwidth enabling the fastest network • Management Software • Cloud ready, zero overhead virtualization

  21. Key Exadata Innovations • Smart Scale-Out Storage • InfiniBand connected servers • Smart Scan query offload • Hybrid Columnar Compression • 10x compression for warehouses • 15x compression for archives uncompressed + + + Data remains compressed for scans and in Flash compress • Smart PCI Flash Cache • Transparent cache in front of disk • Accelerates random I/O up to 30x • Quadruples data scan rate primary DB Space Savings Cascade to Copies standby dev test backup

  22. The New SuperCluster T5-8 Fastest Servers. Fastest Storage. Fastest Network. • 2,272 CPU Threads • 4.7 TB DRAM • 356 TB Hard Disk • 16.8 TB Flash • 1.2M IOPS • 62 GB/SEC Storage Bandwidth • 960 GbpsInfiniband Interconnect

  23. Oracle Engineered SystemsBuilt-in Business Advantage MANAGEABILITY PERFORMANCE SECURITY RELIABILITY SUPPORT

  24. Oracle Engineered Systems Typical Custom Configuration 100% Pre-Built and Optimized Out-of-the-Box Test & debug failure modes Measure, diagnose, tune and reconfigure Performance Achievement Performance Achievement Multi-vendor finger pointing Assemble dozens of components Time (Months) Time (Days)

  25. Highly Engineered and Standardized Less Risk, Better Results • Hundreds of engineer years spent optimizing and hardening the system end-to-end • Frees IT talent to focus on business needs • Standard platform improves support experience • 11,000+ ISV applications plus custom applications Ready- to-Run

  26. Oracle SuperCluster Customer ImplementationsEngineered Systems Tangible Business Benefits

  27. Performance and Efficiency

  28. The SuperCluster “Secret Sauce” AdvantageActual Customer Performance Results 2x extra advantage for OLTP workloads compared to DIY T4-4 servers 10x advantage for Data Warehouse workloads

  29. Oracle SuperCluster Virtualization PerformanceHighest efficiency - zero overhead, no over-provisioning required Up to 1.5x higher consolidation ratios than leading virtualization solution Lower latency, higher bandwidth to storage and network, and zero overhead virtualization 30-50% Better Consolidation Ratios

  30. Network Virtualization EfficiencyDramatically Reduced Application Response Time from Virtualized Apps 2x lower network latency improves application response time on Oracle SuperCluster 2x Lower

  31. Native Workload Performance in VMsSuperior Processor Efficiency Over x86 and Power Virtualization Overhead Oracle virtualization has best consolidation ratios, less than 1% performance loss Other RISC Platform Popular x86 Hypervisor Performance Loss % (4 VM) Solaris 11 OVM for SPARC Less than 1% performance loss on Solaris

  32. Security

  33. Oracle SuperCluster Security Complete • Isolation – Oracle VM for SPARC, Solaris Zones • Access Control – Solaris Role-based Access Control, Database Vault Integrated • Data Protection – SPARC T4 Hardware-Assisted Encryption, Oracle Advanced Security • Continuous Monitoring – Solaris Audit, Oracle Audit Vault Flexible • Network Security – IPsec/IKE, SSL/TLS, IP Filter • Secure Management –Oracle Enterprise Manager, ILOM Trusted • Independent Security Evaluations • Common Criteria: Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Database 11gR2, Oracle Solaris 11 – In progress • FIPS 140-2: SPARC T4 and Oracle Solaris 11 – In progress

  34. End to End Security Performance on Oracle SuperCluster • Multi-tier Application Security With Encrypted ZFS SecureRequestThroughput

  35. Easier, Safer Maintenance and Update

  36. Maintenance and Upgrade Made Easy 1,000s of Hours of Testing to Reduce Risk and Expedite Updates Mitigates Risk Eliminates Uncertainty Expedites Updates Reduces Downtime

  37. 24/7 Oracle remote fault monitoring Industry-leading response times: 5 Minute Fault Notification 15 Minute Restoration or Escalation to Development 30 Minute Joint Debugging with Development Patch deployment services No additional cost under Oracle Premier Support Available now for certified configurationson Oracle SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 Oracle Support for SuperCluster ORACLE PLATINUM SERVICES 24/7 support coverage with access to Oracle Engineered Systems Enterprise Support Team 2-hour onsite response to hardware issues1 Updates, upgrades and support for: • Oracle Database 11gR2, Oracle Exadata Storage Server software, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud software, and the following certified and tested configurations for Oracle software: PeopleSoft HCM, WebCenter Content, Siebel CRM and Oracle E-Business Suite • Server and storage system hardware, integrated software (suchas firmware), Oracle Solaris operating system, Oracle Solaris Cluster, and Oracle VM Server for SPARC 24/7 access to My Oracle Support proactivesupport portal "Phone home" automated service requests (ASR) High Availability Services.No Additional Cost. Complete. Integrated. Proactive.

  38. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  39. Oracle SuperCluster Operational Cost ReductionReduced Operations and Maintenance 3x LessAdministration and Maintenance Including Management, Monitoring, Patching, Tuning and Diagnostics Hours 3x Less

  40. Oracle Optimized Solutions for SuperCluster

  41. Optimizations Across the Development Cycle Engineered, Tested, and Proven from Apps-to-Disk • Faultinjectiontests • Identify • integration opportunities • Interoperability • tests • End to end functional • validation • Early • development • tests • Full Stack Optimizations One Engineering Team • Sizing and configuration optimizations • Performance and scalability tests • Real world workload tests • Patch regression tests • Load/stress tests

  42. Oracle Optimized Solutions on SuperCluster Applications + Middleware + Database + Virtualization + Solaris + Ultimate Cloud & Multi-Tier Consolidation Platform =  Unbeatable Benefits & Value

  43. Oracle Optimized Solutions on SuperCluster Superior Performance and Cost/Performance over IBM • E-Business Suite • 2x lower TCO, 5x faster timeto value than IBM • SAP • 7x faster query processing4x faster data loading • WebCenter Content • 2x lower cost than IBM • PeopleSoft HCM • 11x faster self-service½ the cost of IBM

  44. Take The First Step to Accelerate Your Business Access To Webcasts, Videos, Whitepapers, Blogs, and More

  45. The Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure. Now. • For All Mission Critical Applications Solaris 11 Zone Solaris 10 Zone Solaris Legacy Zone Solaris Legacy Zone Solaris 10 Zone Oracle Solaris 11 Oracle Solaris 10 Oracle VM Oracle SuperCluster

  46. Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 Oracle’s Fastest Engineered System EXTREME PERFORMANCE HIGHEST EFFICIENCY NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE

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