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Global Journalist Capstone

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Global Journalist Capstone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Journalist Capstone. Emily Coppel Eric Dundon Jena Pike Jordan Stockdale. Project Description.

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Presentation Transcript

Global Journalist Capstone

Emily Coppel

Eric Dundon

Jena Pike

Jordan Stockdale

project description
Project Description
  • Work with Stuart Loory, Global Journalist Editor Pat Smith and others to come up with a new format, especially for the multimedia aspects of the Global Journalist radio program. Produce one or more prototypes of the show to aid with the re-launch.
  • A. Aid with the re-launch of Global Journalist as it transitions to a video format in RJI.
  • B. Create a standard for incorporating more multimedia elements to the radio show.
  • C. Implement a marketing strategy to increase listener/viewership.
research strategies
Research Strategies

Three-pronged approach

1. Corresponding and regularly meeting with relevant participants (Global Journalist production team, GJ Online Editor, Pat Smith, Stuart Loory, KBIA, RJI staff)

3. Conducting surveys targeted at Global Journalist’s audiences

2. Comparisons to similar programs nationally and within KBIA’s programming


Survey Advertisement

The Global Journalist Questionnaire:

Featured as an advertisement – since February

Sent to KBIA List Serve - John Bailey

survey demographics
Survey Demographics
  • 55 people responded
  • 95% of the respondents listened to the show on the radio, and not through archives.
  • Nearly 100% of respondents were from Columbia or the surrounding areas
  • Not an accurate representation of GJ viewers
  • However is an accurate representation of hometown viewers
  • 53.1% of responders are 55+
  • 34.7% of responders are 41-55
  • 0% of responders 18-23
  • Promoted through KBIA list serve and GJ website advertisement.
survey results2
Survey Results
  • We asked the Global Journalist viewers whether viewers would participate in an online debate about a weekly topic.
  • 14.6% of the respondents marked “yes”:
  • 14.6% marked “yes, if the topic pertained to me”:
  • 36.6% marked “maybe”:
  • 36.6% marked “no”.
  • We asked whether viewers would watch streaming video production of The GJ show
  • 22% marked “yes”
  • 51.2 marked “maybe”
  • 26.8 marked “no”
  • Good numbers to begin with, specially for demographics of survey responders.
survey results3
Survey Results

Many KBIA viewers did not know about the Global Journalist Web site.

Questionnaire responders wrote, they had never been to the site.

Many questionnaire responders skipped the question about the site.

Stuart continues to promote website on the show

We used our social media Web sites to promote both the KBIA & GJ

Web sites. Promote Cohesion


Global Journalist


Pat Smith, Stuart Loory

Mike Dunn, Janet Saidi

Travis McMillen Production Team John Bailey

weekly tasks
Weekly Tasks

Attend producer meeting every Monday to establish show ideas

Clip videos sent from “researcher” on Tuesday and begin editing

Final video editing and Render on Wednesday

Edited videos, photos and captions to Travis by 3:30pm

Assist Production Thursday 8:00am

making it visual
Making it Visual

Using Snapstream for video clips to be embedded live.

B-roll clips added in March.

AP photos added in late March.

Captions for videos and photos incorporated by April.

Format similar to Newsy with moving screen in the background while video plays.

visual procedure
Visual Procedure

Monday producer meeting

B-roll clipped by Wednesday at 3:30 for Travis to embed in the show live.

Work out who will be doing this: current producers or outside multi-media person

evolution of the show
Evolution of the show

Production learning curve

Evolution of b-roll:

No b-roll

Initial b-roll

Ideal b-roll

special projects
Special Projects

Created ad for GJ survey appearing on website

Soundslides show for Press Freedom Seminar (acquainted us with AP photos)

Facebook Fan, Twitter page maintenance

facebook page
Facebook page

Missions statement

Discussions page

Photo album

Host Bio

Detailed explanation of show

twitter page
Twitter page

Small following, but regularly updated.

Goal is to push “casual listeners” to “regular listeners”

prototype web site
Prototype Web site
  • Ads, monetary
  • Cover It Live, interaction, easier
  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Archive, easier
  • Links to KBIA, RJI, listen to show

Both are needed to ensure:

    • Sustainability
    • Continued growth in the arena of multimedia development

Audience Development Team

Multimedia producer position


How to sustain changes

1. Find someone, (or current producers) to act as productions assistant

2. Have someone keep the show archived online and keep site updated


We need to work with KBIA, Global Journalist staff for any Web or show changes, slow process

Appeasing the multiple clients

Upping the number of viewers/promoting the live stream show

New producers, simple, sustainable system