egg banking in india with seedart bank
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Egg Banking in India with Seedart Bank

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Egg Banking in India with Seedart Bank - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Egg Freezing is a technique which allows women to freeze and store their eggs for a specific time. Freezing your eggs at an early reproductive age can help maximise your chances of a pregnancy in future.

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egg banking in india with seedart bank

Egg Banking in India with Seedart Bank

Seed Art Bank’s egg donation services ensures that you are matched with the donor of your choice. With a diverse list of donors, you can choose according to your preferences such as premium and proven donors. Ever donor is guided and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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what is egg or embryo banking
What is Egg or Embryo Banking.?
  • Egg Banking, often called in vitro fertilization (IVF), has been used for many years to treat couples who have trouble conceiving naturally. But IVF is also available to certain women who have been newly diagnosed with cancer but who have not yet started cancer treatment. The procedure is referred to as embryo banking or sometimes “emergency IVF” because of the shortened time frame doctors have to retrieve eggs before the person must begin cancer treatment.

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why freeze eggs
Why Freeze Eggs
  • Most women are unable to have healthy and successful pregnancies later in life. As you know, it is an established fact that a women’s fertility decreases with the increase in age. By 40, a woman only has a five percent chance of becoming pregnant naturally because of the low quality and quality of eggs.
  • Egg freezing allows women to lock their own eggs and then start the family at later stage. With egg freezing, a woman can gather eggs retrieved at a younger age and then preserve her eggs. When she is ready to get pregnant, she can use her preserved younger eggs to increase her chances of success. So the pressure of “biological clock” is not something she will have to worry about.
significance of the egg
Significance of the Egg
  • Age is a major factor in women’s fertility particularly in relation to the quality of their eggs. The level of quality begins to decline after the age of 35 and after the age of 42 conception becomes difficult. According to doctors, ideally, women should consider freezing their eggs before the age of 30, so that they have the best chance of succeeding with treatment using those frozen eggs in the future. Several researchers have found the women who use eggs donated by younger women can achieve same pregnancy success rates as women in their 20s. So, Egg Freezing provides a chance to women to be their own donors by preserving them using cryopreservation technology. The stored eggs increase your chances of having a successful pregnancy later in life.
the best candidate for egg freezing as
The best candidate for Egg Freezing as:

Egg freezing can be beneficial for a wide variety of reasons for women wishing to preserve their fertility for the future including:

  • Women with cancer
  • Women between the age of 18-40
  • Women with endometriosis, early menopause or premature ovarian failure

the commitment about frozen eggs success rates
The Commitment about Frozen Eggs & Success Rates
  • Egg freezing is still a relatively new procedure, but the number of women opting for egg freezing is increasing with each passing day. At Seed Art, success rates with frozen eggs are as high as 50 per cent. With our partner fertility clinics, pregnancy rates with frozen eggs are very similar to our IVF pregnancy rates using fresh. Moreover, babies born from frozen eggs are as healthy an do not face any increased risk of birth defects than natural babies.

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