Why is The Use of The IV Cannula?
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Why is The Use of The IV Cannula? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cannula is derived from a Latin word \' little reed\'. The tube is inserted in the body for removal of fluid. IV cannula comes with trocar for puncturing skin and veins and allows you to get into the intended vein. ivcannula.com

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Why is the use of the iv cannula

Why is The Use of The IV Cannula?

Cannulais derived from a Latin word ' little reed'. The tube is inserted in the body for removal of fluid. IV

cannula comes with trocar for puncturing skin and veins and allows you to get into the intended vein. It

administers long-term therapies, fluids and injections. Before surgery, large bore cannula can be

inserted for blood and blood product transfusion when donating blood. For IV Cannula Sizes and Color,

the injection ports are color coded for instant identification of gauge size. As the number of gauge

increases, the size of cannula decreases. The larger gauge number is 24G and the smaller the cannula or

diameter is 0.7 mm. The size of cannula affects mainly four factors. They are:

Needle gauge

External diameter of cannula - i.e. catheter

Length of catheter

Flow rate in terms of ml/ min

IV Cannulation indicators administer IV fluids, blood products and IV therapy. Cannula has trocar

attached with it and it allows puncturing of the body to get intended space. Many types of IV cannula

exist. Intravenous cannulae are generally used in the hospital for establishment of the cardiopulmonary

bypass in cardiac surgery. Gather all types of equipments like non-sterile pair of gloves, kidney tray,

sterile alcohol swabs, etc. Large bore cannulas are required for rapid and thick fluid administration. A

nasal cannula is a plastic tube that runs under the nose and administers oxygen.

There are many IV Cannula Complications and it includes infiltration, air embolism, extra vascular drug

administration and intra-arterial injection. The rarest one is intra-arterial injection.


The infusion of fluid and medication outside the intravascular space takes place in the surrounding soft

tissues. It is caused by poor placement of needles or angiocath outside the vessel lumen. The swelling of

soft tissues to the surrounding IV and the skin feels cool, firm and pale. Small amount of IV fluid has less

consequence and some medications can be toxic to the surrounding tissues.


When there is leakage of blood from the vessel into the surrounding tissues, hematoma occurs. It can be

controlled with direct pressure and it gets resolved in about fifteen days.

Air Embolism

It occurs when large volumes of air enter the veins of patients. It can be easily prevented by making sure

that air bubbles are out of IV tubing. However, it is rare.

Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis

Why is the use of the iv cannula

Phlebitis and thrombophlebtis is associated with thrombus. Use of an angiocatheter as opposed to

needle may increase risks of phlebitis. Older patients are more susceptible to phlebitis. The treatment

provides warm compression and administers non-steroidal agents to patients.

Extra vascular injection

It may result in pain, delay in absorption or tissue damage. If large volumes are injected, the skin gets

raised and looks ischemic, only 1% procaine needs to be infiltrated. Procaine improves blood supply and

it improves venous drainage away.

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