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introduction google plus l.
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What is google + PowerPoint Presentation
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What is google +

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What is google +
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What is google +

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  1. IntroductionGoogle Plus www.googleplusdemystified.info

  2. Do you know what Google Plus is? • It is a brand new social networking site launched by Google. It is integrated tightly with various other Google services. Many experts have claimed that it is rather compelling and engaging than even Facebook and other social sites. It offers easier sharing and social connection. • They have deployed it as field trial basis, so only those who have an invitation can create an account. For example, if your friend has an online account and has sent an invitation then you will be able to open an account.

  3. The interface: • Once you have completed your account set up, Google plus displays the home screen. This page is similar to Facebook. Here the videos, posts, photos and links are displayed. They allow you to add "+1" (Just as "Like" button in Facebook) or give comments. • You can also activate the chat client Google talk. This will allow you to integrate the main Google Account. Also, on the top of the home page is a black bar with links to other Google applications. Therefore, you can easily switch from Gmail, Calendar, Photos, Reader and Docs. • Four major navigation buttons are available; Home, Profile, Photos and Circles. For social networking people, things may be familiar but Circles is a huge feature which might confuse the new users.

  4. Circles • Google Plus has introduced a friend lists concept which is called "Circles." This enables to organize online contacts like your colleagues, friends, family members etc into different groups. This helps in filtering the posts and updates so that you can send it to specific circles and not all. This assists in keeping healthy balance between different groups.

  5. Hangouts • "Hangouts" is another exciting feature in Google plus. As a matter of fact, it is one of the first social network sites which have introduced video chatting concept with social friends. This is basically a virtual room where a video chat can be started among the people within your circles. In order to initiate or join the Google plus hangout, you will need a headphone, microphone and a webcam. Today, most of the laptops have these accessories in-built. Therefore, there is no problem at all. You can see what your friends are doing while talking to you.

  6. Sparks • Sparks is another new feature of Google Plus. They operate just as a RSS feed. However, they operate for topics rather than specific sites. For example, it pulls up new stories, current articles and relevant sites for keeping it updated. In order to track your interest and search for new things, sparks makes it easy.

  7. Huddles • Huddles are a group chat which uses only text. This is useful for collaborating at work or getting friends together. It can be organized for the entire circle or for specific people. Therefore, Google Plus can be used as a social marketing platform to promote and create business online.

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