what is google glass n.
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What is Google Glass? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Google Glass?

What is Google Glass?

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What is Google Glass?

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  1. What is Google Glass? Dr. Kristen Curtis Final Project Technology for Teachers EDUC 517 3/8/14

  2. Glass GLASS

  3. Is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) that responds to voice commands. Google Glass

  4. How Google Glass Works google glass video

  5. What can Google Glass Do? Takes pictures/videos. Record what you see. Hands-free. Share what you see with others. Get directions right in front of you. Speak to send a message. Ask questions, Google Glass will answer. Translate your voice to other languages Detect objects in front of you Look up directions or maps

  6. Tutoring • Remote teaching • Provide additional ways for teachers to teach students with auditory, physical and other handicaps • Group tutorial sessions • Taylor lesson to each student Teaching

  7. Student games • Research and study teams • Students can ask each other questions • Students can work on projects with students at other schools and in other countries Student Collaboration

  8. Google Glass can film videos and take pictures. • Help students prepare for presentations. • Students can capture visual content with speed and ease. • Fast-paced recording and shooting can enhance both creativity and productivity. Help create presentations and research materials

  9. Google Glass presents translations in real time • Students learning a new language benefit of real time decoding of language. • Students of different cultures would be able to communicate and help each other learn. Learn new languages

  10. Browse the web in the air at all times. • Search information, make notes, and bookmark important pages • New apps for Google Glass allow students to use social media channels, a dropbox and/or e-mail to save and share their research. Quick on-the-go research Teacher using Google Glass to introduce Pre-K students to a Mars rover augmented reality app.

  11. Help add extra spark to portfolios. • Capture visual content to add real-life elements.. • Get feedback from people when demonstrating portfolios. Build portfolios

  12. Communicate with parents, teacher evaluations where parents do not have to physically be in the classroom • Record and transfer lessons on students mobile devices • Relay test scores, homework and report card grades • Connect with other educators from all over the world Teacher Communication

  13. Google Glass can lead to new applications, technology, and new career possibilities New courses, skills, and careers

  14. Create videos including documentaries, speeches, and interviews. • Take virtual field trips • Watch other teachers teach in real time and offer suggestions • Observe students for signs of learning disabilities from another location • Art/music/technology classes Other Classroom Uses

  15. Resources Murphy Kelly, S., 2013, 30 Ways Google Glass Can Innovate the Classroom. Masable.com