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Unbreakable Decks

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Unbreakable Decks. By Drew Cooley & Parker Ellis. Engineers . Material Engineer & Computer Engineer . Our Plan. Our plan is to put layers of light weight metal in between the wood on the skateboard deck. Material engineer .

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unbreakable decks

Unbreakable Decks

By Drew Cooley & Parker Ellis

  • Material Engineer


  • Computer Engineer
our plan
Our Plan
  • Our plan is to put layers of light weight metal in between the wood on the skateboard deck.
material engineer
Material engineer
  • Our material engineer is going to fabricate the metal and wood for our unbreakable deck.
computer engineer
Computer engineer
  • Our computer engineer is going to create our design and skateboard graphic and then they will send it to a manufacturing industry who will create our skateboard deck.

What we don’t want

  • This is what happens when a regular skateboard has had too much pressure put on it
  • With our skateboards breaking them won’t be an issue
Why ?
  • You should buy our skateboard because it will not break and will save you some money. It will save you money because every time you break a deck it will cost you 50 dollars more to get a new one. With our skateboard it will not break so you will save tons of money.
the price
The price
  • The price for our skateboard deck is 80 dollars. It seems expensive but will actually save you money because it wont break so you wont have to buy new ones. It is 80 dollars because of the price of the metal. It is a new metal and is very lightweight and strong.
  • www.xanga.com/MCRDudewiththeused broken board
  • http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/P/B000CBQZDI.01-A14LK0ZXSU0XON._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpgalien work shop board
  • www.arsinfo.org/acti.html Man sawing wood