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Time Management

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Time Management Contents Effective Diary Management Productive Time Management How to Manage Your Days Minimum Levels of Activity Effective Diary Management

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Time Management

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Effective Diary Management

Productive Time Management

How to Manage Your Days

Minimum Levels of Activity

effective diary management
Effective Diary Management

Your business diary ( A4 RULED 1DAY/PAGE) must be used to its full ability at all times, there are no excuses for not planning and maintaining your diary correctly.

You must use your diary for the following:

  • The booking of appointments. (Market Appraisals, Accompanied Viewings, Meetings etc)
  • The blocking of time slots (pre-planned) for, Canvassing, Mailshots, Sales Chasing, Figure Reporting, and arranging your Adverts.
  • Daily tasks that need to be completed. (Contacting a client, creating property details, uploading properties to the web etc)
  • Staff contact details.

Your diary should be full at all times, regardless of whether you have any appointments or not. If you have a clear day, fill the time slots with tasks that you have to do and reminders of any calls that you have to make.

Each Franchisees diary will be checked on a regular basis to ensure that effective diary use is present in every Franchise territory.

productive time management
Productive Time Management

You must make sure that you make the most of your working day, a loss of

time means a loss of income.

If you have an appointment, conduct board canvassing before and after it, if an

appointment is cancelled don’t mope around get out there and get more

appointments by canvassing.

Do not waste any time doing admin tasks, these can wait until the evening

or weekend.

Initially you must focus on canvassing and marketing your company in

the area, if you do not, you will struggle to succeed.

how to manage your days
How to Manage Your Days

Each working day must be planned. Sit down over the weekend

and plan the coming weeks activity.

Where you already have appointments booked arrange to conduct your canvassing in the area around that property.

Do not waste time travelling from one side of an area to the other, and then back again.

Instead book your appointments so that they are near to each other, then go to the appointment that is furthest away.


minimum levels of activity
Minimum Levels of Activity
  • You MUST maintain these minimum marketing levels at all times.
    • 150 personal letters need to be sent out to potential vendors each week as per your board count list.
    • 2 specific canvasses need to be created and canvassed each week
    • 5000 Tangent Marketing leaflets to be dropped every month.