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THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE. THE CONNECTION BETWEEN INCITEMENT, BRAIN-WASHING AND. TERROR. A play for children in Gaza. when I grow up I will learn to use this weapon. REAL LIFE.

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A play for children in Gaza...

when I grow upI will learn to use this weapon...



March 5, 2002 :: Deborah Friedman, 54, was killed in a shooting attack on the Tunnel Road. Armed Palestinians opened fire on her vehicle when she was on her way home.



July 14, 2002 :: The Shabo family sit peacefully at home. Suddenly, a Palestinian terrorist armed with an automatic weapon and hand-grenades infiltrates their home. The mother, Rachel and three of her children – Nerya, Zvi and Avishai were slaughtered in their home. One of the sisters ran out and hid in the yard. Their house was burnt to the ground.

Rachel Shabo

Avishai Shabo, 5

Zvi Shabo, 12

Nerya Shabo, 15

The house:

The victims:

This is how a single Palestinian terrorist destroys an entire family

The funeral:


A play for children in Gaza...

when I grow upI will be a suicide bomber!



January 23, 2002 :: Wafa Idris, A Palestinian terrorist blew herself up in a crowded Jerusalem street, killing an 81 year old Israeli and leaving more than 100 injured.

The mother of the female Palestinian suicide bomber has said that she is proud of her daughter and hopes more women will follow in her footsteps.

Wafa Idris with her mother.

Scene from the main street in Jerusalem.



A new song glorifying the terrorist Idris has been broadcast at least twice on the official Palestinian Television. At a concert hall, with a full orchestra and a large choir, a beautifully dressed soloist sang to the new Palestinian heroine.The following are some of the lyrics:

Vocalist:"My sister Wafaa, my sister Wafaa,  Oh, the heartbeat of pride.  Oh, blossom who was on the earth,  and is now in heaven,  My sister, Wafa." (x 2)"My voice will sing out (x 4)  `Allah Akbar' oh, Palestine of the Arabs (x 2)Choir:  `Allah Akbar' oh, Palestine of the Arabs (x 2)  `Allah Akbar' oh Wafaa (x 2)VocalistBut you chose Martyrdom   In death you have brought life to our willBut you chose Martyrdom   In death you have brought life to our will... and we say `Long Live the Intifada'

Palestinian elementary school girls carrying posters of the suicide bomber, Wafa Idris.



Kids arebeing educated to hate and murder.

A suicide bomber explodes in a Jerusalem market.

Palestinian leaders choose terror as their main strategy.

Weapons are smuggled to the Palestinian terrorists.

A bus explodes in the center of Tel Aviv (4.3.96)



Terror is praised once again.

Incitement continues.

Palestinians getting ready for the next attack.



This piece of correspondence was discovered by Israeli troops who went through the files in Yasser Arafat's personal accounting department in Ramallah. It is an itemized bill signed by the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades - Palestine, and dated September 16, 2001, exactly five days after the September 11 suicide attacks in the United States.

“Cost of electrical goods and miscellaneous chemical substances (for manufacturing explosives and bombs - the largest item. One prepared explosive device - NIS700 at least) We need 5-9 devices per week for the squads in the different regions (inserted by hand: NIS x 4 = NIS20,000 per month)”.

“Cost of bullets (cost of Kalashnikov ammo is NIS -8 per bullet; M-16 bullets cost NIS2-2.5 each) We need bullets supplied on a daily basis“.







753 Israeli children, women and men were murdered by the Palestinian terrorists (until March 16, 2003).

Hundreds of terrror attacks against Israeli civilians took place:

Buses exploding, a suicide bomber who kills innocent people strolling downtown and in the markets, a bomb inside a bag that kills human beings sitting in coffee shops and restaurants, a wedding abruptly ends when the guests are attacked by automatic fire, a festive hotel dinner that ends with dozens murdered, Synagogues attacked and youth dying in night clubs whilst dancing.



Innocent Israeli Victims


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TERROR can never be justified

More information about the Israeli-Palestinian-Arab conflict:

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