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Satellite Radio Killer Application?. Group 8 Section 11 Eric Mollo Mike Ferranti Kristen Blough Rushi Sukharamwala. Presentation Overview. How it works Companies What they have to offer Industry Analysis Drawbacks Is it a Killer App? . Satellite Radio. How does it work?

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Satellite radio killer application l.jpg

Satellite RadioKiller Application?

Group 8 Section 11

Eric Mollo

Mike Ferranti

Kristen Blough

Rushi Sukharamwala

Presentation overview l.jpg
Presentation Overview

  • How it works

  • Companies

    • What they have to offer

  • Industry Analysis

  • Drawbacks

  • Is it a Killer App?

Satellite radio l.jpg
Satellite Radio

  • How does it work?

    • Communication Satellites

      • XM - Geosynchronous orbit

      • Sirius - Geosynchronous elliptical 24 hour orbit

    • Terrestrial Repeaters

      • Designed to rebroadcast at higher power levels

    • Antennas/Tuners

      • Cars, Buildings, Homes

Slide4 l.jpg

XM Satellite Coverage

Sirius Satellite Coverage

Sirius Satellite 24 Hour Satellite Rotation

Sirius Satellite 24 Hour Satellite Rotation

Fcc licensed companies l.jpg


Founded 1990

Bid for FCC License = $89.9 Million

Current Subscribers = 5.1M

130 Channels

69 Commercial Free Music

Previously known as CD Radio


Founded 1992

Bid for FCC License = $83.3 Million

Current Subscribers = 6.9 Million

170 Channels

69 Commercial Free Music

Previously known as American Mobil Satellite Corp.

FCC Licensed Companies

Service offerings l.jpg


Purchase Receiver

$59.95 - $119.95

$10 or $15 Activation Fee

Inclusive Package

$12.95 Monthly

$499.95 lifetime subscription

Other Offerings

Marine Weather

Sirius for the Work Place

Internet Radio


Purchase Receiver

$59.95 – $99.95

Inclusive Package

$12.95 Monthly

Discounts to as low as $9.99 with 5 year plan

Other Offerings

Marine Weather

XM for the Work Place

Internet Radio

Service Offerings

Program variety l.jpg

Sirius & XM


Pop, Rock, Electronic, Hip Hop, Country, Christian, Jazz, Classic, International






Comedy – Opie and Anthony, other stand up

Bob Dylan, Oprah, Al Franken

Program Variety

  • Sirius

    • Sports – NBA, NFL, NCAA, Soccer, Horse Racing, NASCAR

    • Comedy – Howard Stern, other stand up

    • Martha Stewart

Threat of new entrants l.jpg
Threat of New Entrants

  • Low because of high barriers to entry

  • Need FCC approval to access digital spectrum

  • Cost XM and SIRIUS $200M to use

  • Record industry lobbies Congress

    • PERFROM Act of 2006

    • XM Inno

Bargaining power of suppliers l.jpg
Bargaining Power of Suppliers

  • High

  • Record industry controls content

  • Want to increase licensing fees

    Ex: Can’t have Elvis satellite radio station without approval from Elvis’ record label

  • Forces satellite radio companies to pay prices demanded by record industry

Bargaining power of buyers l.jpg
Bargaining Power of Buyers

  • Low because of switching costs

  • Specialized content

    • SIRIUS offers Howard Stern

    • XM offers Weather Channel

  • Real-time traffic info and GPS navigation

Threat of substitute products l.jpg
Threat of Substitute Products

  • High

  • HD radio – offers enhanced sound quality and clear reception

  • Google AdWords & dMarc Broadcasting

    • Offers services that dynamically generate and change commercial content

    • By the 4th quarter of 2006, Google expects AdWords clients will be able to place advertising in both terrestrial and satellite radio spots

Industry competitors l.jpg
Industry Competitors

  • High because it is expensive to leave the industry and low differentiation between products

  • XM & Porsche vs. SIRIUS & VW/Audi

    • Exclusive deals to be respective providers of satellite radio to these car companies

    • Porsche has 25.1% stake in VW

  • XM & Hyundai vs. SIRIUS & Kia

    • Hyundai is parent company of Kia

User perception l.jpg
User Perception

  • When it comes to technology, there are two kinds of people in society

    • People who prefer control over comfort

    • People who prefer comfort over control

  • Younger people are usually more controlling

    • People 12-17 use MP3 players the most

    • Dislike commercials and commentary between songs

User perception15 l.jpg
User Perception

  • Older people usually prefer comfort over control

    • Have the general idea of, “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”

    • Listen to the radio for personal connection with DJ

    • Have become accustomed to AM/FM radio

Initial drawbacks l.jpg
Initial Drawbacks

  • Forced to pay almost $200 million for use of airwaves

  • Digital Performance Right in Sound Recordings Act of 1995 forced payment of royalties to performers

    • Costing XM about $20 million in two years

  • National Association of Broadcasting (NAB) didn’t like satellite radio from the start

Current drawbacks l.jpg
Current Drawbacks

  • High hardware/service costs

    • About 12% of control seeking users would turn down free satellite radio

    • About 30% of comfort seeking users would turn down free satellite radio

  • Lack of local broadcasting

    • FCC doesn’t allow them to broadcast locally

    • Broadcast a limited amount of local channels across the nation through a loophole

    • Local coverage still doesn’t compare to AM/FM radio

Current drawbacks18 l.jpg
Current Drawbacks

  • Service charge causing users to prefer portable receivers

  • But…problems with portable devices

    • Limited battery life (5 hours)

    • Lack of adaptability with iTunes

    • Dead spots

    • Need to power off devices during scheduled recording sessions

Potential drawbacks l.jpg
Potential Drawbacks

  • Limited censorship

    • Satellite radio not licensed by the FCC

      • Receive strict First Amendment protection

    • The NAB has been leaning on the FCC to provide oversight and regulation

Killer application l.jpg

Killer Application

A killer application is a good, service, or way of doing business that dramatically changes the accepted order or the old way of doing things.

Satellite Radio is on its way to being a killer app to terrestrial radio for a number of reasons:


Universal Signal

Big Name Entertainers (Howard Stern)

Portability l.jpg

  • Initially portability was a problem with satellite radio.

  • Now there are gadgets that make portability no longer a problem.

  • The Inno is the newest and latest player made from Pioneer.

Universal signal l.jpg
Universal Signal

  • One of the main problems that people experienced with terrestrial radio is that a signal is not always available.

    • Rural or lesser populated areas

    • In tall building and in tunnels

  • 3 Universal satellites assure premium quality programming.

  • Big name entertainers l.jpg
    Big Name Entertainers

    • In early 2006 XM signed Oprah to a 3 year $55 million deal.

    • XM also signs shows such as Friends and other sitcoms.

    Most notable signing was that of Howard Stern in 2004. He signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Sirius that would be fulfilled over a 5 year span.

    Are you sirius l.jpg
    Are You Sirius ???

    • Howard Stern was paid $500 million for a 5 year exclusive contract with Sirius.

    • On Sirius he is able to have his show censor free.

    • So why the high price tag ?

      • Both he and Sirius target the 18-49 year old male segment.

      • Main reason was to compete with XM; increase market share

    Satellite radio is l.jpg
    Satellite Radio is…

    • Still in the development stage of its life cycle…

    • Satellite radio and its features are far superior to that of terrestrial radio already…

    • It may not be a killer app right now but…

      • Contracts with big name entertainers

      • Contracts with all major sporting leagues

      • Constantly improving sound quality

      • Commercial Free radio!

      • What more could you want?!?

        Only we can make it happen, so go out and try it!