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Marine Adventure Park (MAP)

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Marine Adventure Park (MAP) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marine Adventure Park (MAP). A Unique Tourist Marine attraction for Scuba Divers, Snorkel Divers & for Rod Fishing competitions. Consisting of two Enclosed Enhanced Marine Habitats for everyone to visit against a fee. Marine Adventure Park - The Idea.

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Marine Adventure Park (MAP)

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marine adventure park map

MarineAdventure Park(MAP)

A Unique Tourist Marine attraction for

Scuba Divers, Snorkel Divers &

for Rod Fishing competitions.

Consisting of two

Enclosed Enhanced Marine Habitats

for everyone to visit against a fee.

marine adventure park the idea
Marine AdventurePark - The Idea
  • Using the technologies derived from the tuna penning industry such as the use of nets & how to anchor these enclosures out at sea to withstand rough weather & survive.
  • Remove completely the tuna penning operations within MAP operations (That is, the fattening of a large number of the same fish species to be harvested for human consumption is removed).
  • Substitute the fish farming operation with that of operating a Marine aquarium such as those found in other countries.
  • Alter the enclosures & dress them up making them scuba & snorkel diver friendly, resembling a miniature floating marine theme park, a kind of Noah’s Ark of some fish species.
  • Reduce the Marine aquarium concept, (That is there is no need to have so many fish but the idea is to make this resemble a dive site, where divers need to swim around to encounter an enhanced & varied marine population. Even more adventurous is to visit the enclosures by night, giving divers a thrill dive to remember).
map phase 1
‘Atlantis’ Enclosure:

This will consist of an enclosure 100m in diameter having its side net fall down 30m deep & pegged to the seabed. In order to create shelter for fish artificial reefs will be constructed over sand in the shape of an artist impression of the legendary lost city of Atlantis. The architecture design is to be taken from our Neolithic Temple Builders. Another reef is made to resemble a Roman ship belonging to St Paul also placed on sand.

‘Marine World’ Enclosure:

Another enclosure 80m in diameter having a net to form its bottom falling to a depth of 12m & suitable for snorkel divers, novice scuba divers & for rod fishing competitions when no diving is taking place.

(Catch & release bases - barbless fish tackle will be used which is less harmful to the fish)

MAPPhase 1

Examplesof Species Kept in Atlantis Enclosure

Bronze Grouper

Common Grouper

Bluefin Tuna


map phase 2
MAP Phase 2
  • Placing of Adopted Reef Balls on the seabed under Enclosure B
  • These structures will create a man made habitat & shelter for fish living off the biological nutrients derived from the same enclosure situated 20 meters above the reef balls/seabed.
  • Two sizes of reef balls will be constructed the ‘Ggantija’ size & a smaller ‘Mnajdra’ size.
proposed location
  • About one kilometre out at sea from the cliffs of Mgiebah coastline but not too much out to be in the way to obstruct boat traffic en route to and from Comino. The seabed here is not more than 30 meters deep with sand patches & low density marine flora.
map attractions a variety of fish
‘Atlantis’ Enclosure:

Fish that are rarely encountered ranging in size from 50 - 300 cms. Such as a Sun Fish, Spearfish, Tuna, Rays, Groupers, Nurse Hounds, Anglerfish, Angel Shark and other species swim freely in an enclosures having the capacity to hold 236 million litres of water (47 million gallons)

‘Marine World’


Fish ranging in size mostly up to 60 cms will be kept such as Dolphin fish, John Dories, Trigger fish, White bream, Sea bass, Gilthead Bream, Pandora, Rays, Smooth hounds, Red Scorpions, Pilot fish and other species swim freely in an enclosure having the capacity to hold 76 million litres of water. (13 million gallons)

MAPAttractions - A Variety of FISH
environmental other concerns
Controlled feeding done by hand thus no overfeeding problems & therefore no bad smell in the air.

No killing of fish & thus no fish carcasses/waste floating on the surface.

A monitoring program using a set of biological indicators to assess the state of the marine environment & fish conditions.

A negative impact in the area is also very bad for business.

MAP termination.The site can be completely reversed to its original state.

MAP will not be a fish farm in disguise nor to become a fish farm/tuna pen when MAP seizes its proposed function.

MAP to use recycled fish feed.

No protected species, & only Med. Sea species caught by local fishermen are to be kept.

No houses close- by to the proposed site only terraced fields & some farmers’ huts.

MAP will seek to put together a Co - Management policy.

Will MAP attract sharks?

Environmental & Other Concerns
map in support of
MAP for Fish Sciences

MAP for Education & marine awareness.

MAP’ s (MPD) to fund other dive site enhancement projects

MAP addresses the weakest link in diving tourism - The lack of fish.

MAP a unique diving attraction not found anywhere else.

MAP attracting private investment & job creation.

MAP creating more work for commercial boat owners.

MAP shifts divers’ impact away from sensitive areas.

MAP creating a new managed dive site in a place where no diving activity takes place.

MAP provides the experience for divers to interact & come face to face with certain fish species very rarely found

MAP will attract numerous snorkel divers who could possibly try Scuba diving as well. A source of new business to dive school operators.

MAP and the promotion it attracts, locally & off- shore is beneficial for diving tourism. film & TV industry.

MAP operating all year round.

MAP in Support of:-