Maintaining Microsoft Windows XP
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Maintaining Microsoft Windows XP William Keener Technical Writer Global Services Automation Microsoft Corporation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maintaining Microsoft Windows XP William Keener Technical Writer Global Services Automation Microsoft Corporation. Can You Answer “Yes” to All These Questions?. Do you have the latest updates for all your software? Have you scanned for viruses lately? Do you have a firewall enabled?

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Maintaining Microsoft Windows XPWilliam KeenerTechnical WriterGlobal Services AutomationMicrosoft Corporation

Can you answer yes to all these questions l.jpg
Can You Answer “Yes” to All These Questions?

  • Do you have the latest updates for all your software?

  • Have you scanned for viruses lately?

  • Do you have a firewall enabled?

  • Do you have a current backup?

  • Have you recently performed other routine maintenance tasks (Check Disk, Disk Cleanup, Defrag)?

  • Do you know how to troubleshoot and recover from a disk failure?

Keep all your software updated l.jpg
Keep All Your Software Updated

  • Windows Update

  • Automatic Updates

    • Q306525, “HOW TO: Configure Automatic Updating in Windows XP”

    • Q327838, “HOW TO: Schedule Automatic Updates in Windows XP and Windows 2000”

    • Q328010, “How to Configure Automatic Updates by Using Group Policy or Registry Settings”

  • Office Update

  • Other programs – for example, Windows Media® Player (Q329477)

  • Windows Update Catalog (Q323166)

  • Security updates (Notification Service, Bulletins, MBSA, Hfnetchk, and so on)

Windows update l.jpg
Windows Update

  • On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Windows Update

  • Accept Microsoft ActiveX® control (first time only)

  • Click “Scan for updates”

  • Click “Review and install updates”

  • Click “Install Now” to install critical updates

  • Critical updates are security fixes and other important updates that keep your computers current and your network secure

Automatic updates l.jpg
Automatic Updates

  • Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties

  • Click the Automatic Updates tab

  • Looks on the Windows Update Web site for critical updates and automates the process of downloading and installing them

  • Specify a schedule that Windows follows to install critical updates (Q327838)

Software update services l.jpg
Software Update Services

  • White paper

  • A new tool for IT Professionals to manage and distribute critical updates

  • Permits IT Administrators to configure their own server that contains content from the live Windows Update site to service corporate servers and clients on their intranet

Updating other programs l.jpg
Updating Other Programs

  • Office Update

  • Windows Media Player (Q329477)

    • Click “Check For Player Upgrades” on Help menu

    • Configure Automatic Updates by clicking the Tools menu, clicking Options, and then clicking the Player tab

  • Antivirus and firewall programs

    • If possible, configure to download updates (for example, new virus definitions) automatically

    • Check with the vendor for updates

Protect against viruses l.jpg
Protect Against Viruses

  • Virus Protection Strategies

  • Remedies for Virus Relief

  • Use an updated antivirus program

  • Check with antivirus vendor for latest virus definitions

  • Obtain tools or manual virus removal steps

  • Windows Catalog (Q295322)

  • Update Windows, Office, and other programs

  • Use a firewall (Q320855)

Firewalls q321050 l.jpg
Firewalls (Q321050)

  • Prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network

  • Hardware or software

  • Enabling ICF (Q283673)

  • Windows Catalog (Q295322)

Backup considerations l.jpg
Backup Considerations

  • Backup media – network drive, tape, another local disk or ZIP drive, or CD

  • Windows XP backup (Q309340)

    • Professional (Q308422)

    • Home Edition (Q320820)

  • Automatic System Recovery

  • Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, Compressed Folders, Copy

  • Other backup programs – Windows Catalog (Q295322)

Ntbackup what to back up and when l.jpg
NTBackup – What to Back Up and When

  • Wizard mode or Advanced?

  • Normal, incremental, differential, copy, daily

  • What is system state?

  • Manual or scheduled?

Automatic system recovery l.jpg
Automatic System Recovery

  • Windows XP Professional only

  • Not a backup replacement

  • Designed to restore system partition only if there is a disk failure

Other backup options l.jpg
Other Backup Options

  • Files and Settings Transfer Wizard

  • Compressed folders

  • Copy, XCopy

  • System restore?

  • EFS – export certificates and private keys (Q223316)

  • Windows Media Player – backup licenses (Q265473)

  • Password reset disk (Q321305)

Other routine maintenance l.jpg
Other Routine Maintenance

  • Check Disk

  • Defrag

  • Disk Cleanup, compressed folders, and NTFS file system compression

Troubleshooting and system recovery l.jpg
Troubleshooting and System Recovery

  • Safe Mode, Last Known Good

  • System restore

  • Recovery Console

  • Repair/reinstall

Additional resources l.jpg
Additional Resources

  • Chapters 24 and 25, Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out, Microsoft Press, 2001

  • Chapter 14: Backup and Restore, Microsoft Windows XP Resource Kit, 2001

  • Windows XP Home Page

  • Windows XP Support Center;EN-US;winxp

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