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Theme Parks. Lead-in. Amusement Park. amusements. Rafting. Rock-climbing. Bungee jumping. Free-fall rides. amusements. Ferris wheel. Merry-go-round . Roller-coaster rides. Cable car. Theme Parks . Lead-in. Lead-in.

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Theme Parks Lead-in

    2. Amusement Park amusements Rafting Rock-climbing Bungee jumping Free-fall rides

    3. amusements Ferris wheel Merry-go-round Roller-coaster rides Cable car

    4. Theme Parks Lead-in

    5. Lead-in

    6. Read the text and find out the answers to the questions as well as the main ideas of each paragraph 1 . What’s a theme park ? 2 . How many theme parks are mentioned in the passage ? And what are they and where are they? 3 . What do the parks have in common ? 4. What’s the difference between a theme park and a traditional amusement park ? skimming

    7. Read the text and find out the answers to the questions 1 . What’s a theme park ? A theme park is a collection of rides , exhibitions or other attractions that are based on a common theme . 2 . How many theme parks are mentioned in the passage ? And what are they ? Five . They are the World Park , China Ethnic Culture Park , Ocean Park in Hong Kong , Disneyland in California and Universal Studios in Florida . skimming

    8. Read the text and find out the answers to the questions 3 . What do the parks have in common ? What they all have in common is that they combine fun with the opportunity to learn something . 4. What’s the difference between a theme park and a traditional amusement park ? Unlike traditional amusement parks , theme parks often want to teach visitors something. skimming

    9. Read the text and get the main ideas of each paragraph Theme parks are not traditional like amusement parks and often teach visitors something too. Para. 1 : Theme parks try to make sure that visitors leave knowing more about their theme . Para. 2 : There are some famous theme parks in America. Para. 3 : Theme parks are becoming more and more popular around the world. Para. 4 : scanning

    10. 1. The World Park is the largest park in the world. 2. Every year, there are more than five hundred thousand students visiting Ocean Park. • Ocean Park is divided into two sections , including • the Headland and the Lowland. 4. New Disney parks have opened only in the US. • Disneyland in California was the first theme park • to become popular around the world. 6. At Universal , all the rides and activities are based on Universal Pictures movies. Listen to the tape and do some True or False statements ( F ) ( F ) ( T ) ( F ) ( F ) ( T ) listening

    11. scanning

    12. Question : What can people do if they are at Universal Studios ? They can go on exciting rides where they can feel what it is like to do the things they have seen their heroes do in the movie . scanning

    13. scanning

    14. Translation New theme parks are being built all over the world . The parks are becoming more advanced and new technology allows us to experience almost anything without actually being in danger or risking injury . 世界各国都在新建主题公园。主题公园越来越先进,新技术保障我们几乎能经历一切但又不必冒着受到伤害的 危险 。 scanning

    15. dolphins sharks panda dinosaur scanning

    16. Fill in the blanks according to Para. 2 Ocean park is ____________ two sections . At the _________, they can explore the past at the__________ ____________________ and examine giant footprints at the____________________ . Visitors can also learn about _____ and_______ at____________________ , look at the _______________ in the__________________ , or admire An An and Jia Jia , the two giant pandas. divided into Lowland Discovery of the Ancient World dinosaur exhibition coral sharks Dolphin University winged beauties Butterfly House scanning

    17. As we all know , there are so many famous and interesting cartoon films produced by Disneyland . Can you give us some examples ? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Lion King scanning

    18. Tom and Jerry Brother Bear Beauty and Beast Sleeping Beauty scanning

    19. Parks Themes The World Park World China Ethnic Culture park Ethnic Culture Ocean Ocean Park in Hong Kong The world of Walt Disney and his characters Disneyland in California Universal Studios Universal Pictures movies scanning

    20. Tips : Your dialogue must contain the following points : the name , the theme , attractions foods , restaurants , cost … … discussion Design a theme park and exchange ideas in class by interviewing (采访)others .

    21. homework 1. Get on line to search the information of a certain theme park that one is interested in and write a short description about that. 2. Preview the language points in the text .

    22. Thank you for your attention!