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Clay County Sheriffs PowerPoint Presentation
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Clay County Sheriffs

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Clay County Sheriffs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clay County Sheriffs

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    Slide 2:Clay County Sheriffs Elam J. Daniels 1859-1863 Joshua D. OHern 1863-1865 William Wilson 1866-1867 John W. Sullivan 1868-1870 Henry Bradford 1870-1874 Thomas Roberts 1874-1877 James W. Dewitt (Died in 1885) 1877-1885

    Slide 3:Spotlight on Sheriff OHern Served 1863-1865 The Sheriff and Justices of the Peace were only law enforcement at time Deserters from both Civil War armies robbing and pillaging across county County Patrols were attempted to reduce looting Early Clay County settler, timber and cattle farmer Lieutenant in the 2nd Florida Battalion Linked to the sinking of the Maple Leaf in 1864

    Slide 4:Sheriffs Contd. Claiborne (Clay) Wright Feb.16-July 28 1885, (Went Missing.) Christian Black Aug. 1885-1889 Josephus A. Peeler 1889-May 10, 1894, (Killed on Duty age 36) J. M. Beery (acting Sheriff) May 10-May 22 George W. Hanford Jr. 1894-1895

    Slide 5:Spotlight on Sheriff Peeler Served 1889-1894 Shot and killed in 1894 while trying to stop an argument at the Green Cove Springs train station (was 36 years old) During his term used prisoners to do manual labor around jail and courthouse Old jail was moved to present site, then, new jail built in 1894 First female prisoners housed at jail during this time frame

    Slide 6:Sheriffs Contd James Weeks 1895-1900 William F. Peeler (Josephus Brother) 1900-1905 Charles Wilson 1905-1906 (Killed age 33) R.C.Canova (acting Sheriff unitl Sept. 4, 1906

    Slide 7:Spotlight on Sheriff James Weeks Served 1895-1900, 1906-1911 Middleburg farmer and Palatka logger Resigned in 1900 to further his timber business but ran again in 1906 Turbulent time for county as attempts were made to desegregate school(s) in OP Organized posse with Deputy Ivey to capture bank robbers after Green Cove Banks safe blown up; gun battle ensued

    Slide 8:Sheriffs Contd James Weeks Sept. 4, 1906-Aug. 24, 1911 (deceased in office, age 60) L. T. Ivey (acting Sheriff) Aug. 24-Sept. 16, 1911 Theodore S. Cherry Sept. 16, 1911-July 6, 1913 ( Killed on duty) J. H. King 1913-1917 (disappeared)

    Slide 9:Spotlight on Sheriff Cherry Served 1911-1913 Killed in controversial shoot out at lynch party camp site (murdered vs. assassinated) The suspect, a turpentine worker, was shot and killed by lynch party on the same day Tourist industry along the St. Johns River managed to thrive during period despite civil disorder rampant inland Cherry was known to face any criminal head on

    Slide 10:Sheriffs Contd J. Slater Smith, Sr. 1917-1918 Elam J. Weeks 1918-1929 John P. Hall, Sr. 1929-1964 Jennings Murrhee 1964-1988 C. Dalton Bray 1988-1992 Scott Lancaster 1992-2004 Rick Beseler 2004-Present

    Slide 11:Spotlight on Sheriff Hall Served 1929-1964 Longest serving Sheriff; known as the Dean of Sheriffs; a cattleman and banker, too During early terms, tackled prohibition issues During later terms, issues of population growth, civil rights, and agency expansion Was determined to clean up Clay County First Sheriff with Model-A for transport vs. horseback Only two paved roads No radio-equipped patrol cars

    Slide 12:Spotlight on Sheriff Murrhee Served 1964-1988 Rapid population growth Big emphasis on Community Policing and SROs New jail constructed Reserves Program expanded greatly Tackled road rage problem in the 1980s Traffic Unit formed First true 24-hour patrol Organized agency into divisions Crime Prevention programs Set up SWAT Team and Multi-agency Drug Task Force

    Slide 13:Spotlight on Sheriff Bray Served 1989-1993 Jump-started modernization of agency Dealt aggressively with countys drug use/sale problem and suburban crime During term, created first internal investigation unit Created FTO Program Establishment of P.A.L. Former Orange Park Police Department Chief, FDLE Agent, and FBI Special Agent

    Slide 14:Spotlight on Sheriff Lancaster Served three terms, 1992 to 2004. Agency accomplished largest crime decrease in modern CCSO history (15% decrease in 2002 versus 2001) Tackling county issues such as population growth, urban crawl, police technology needs, violent crime increases, community policing, school violence Major jail and administrative office expansion project National, State & Jail Accreditation obtained Marine Patrol Unit created Stop Stations (8) opened and Operations Centers in community established (2 in OP and Middleburg)

    Slide 15:The History of the Clay County Jail