Introduction to business presentation
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Introduction To Business Presentation. Group Members: Nasir Javed Muhammad Shahid. Crruency Exchange. Aknowledgment.

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Introduction to business presentation
Introduction To BusinessPresentation

  • Group Members:

    Nasir Javed

    Muhammad Shahid


First of all we are thankful to Allah almighty for giving us the strength to complete this project. We are also thankful to Mr. Naveed Raja for his guidance and help in making this project.

About currency exchange
About Currency Exchange

Exchange Company (Pvt) Limited is doing currency exchange business since 2004 with a good market reputation and customer equity. We got the Exchange Company Category (B) license from State Bank of Pakistan in 2004 and after the recommendation from SBP we successfully granted full fledged Exchange Company license in March 2011.

Currently we deal with around 500 customers every day in respect of foreign exchange sale and purchase with offices located at four locations in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We are in the process of implementing large expansion plan to grow our branch network throughout the Pakistan.

Exchange is committed to providing its customers with the best personalized service, competitive foreign exchange products and rates, and expertise you can count on.

We are fully equipped with the modern security system inside and out of the premises loaded with 24-hours monitoring with cameras, including throughout recording of the same, connected with CCTV Recording Monitoring System. Bugler Alarm Phoenix system is fixed in the premises sensitive areas.

Be prompt prepared courteous
Be Prompt, Prepared & Courteous

  • Be Prompt:

    • Answer phone on 1st ring

    • Be ready to pay attention

    • Use consistent greeting (Good Morning Los Rios...)

    • Always identify the organization and your name.

Be prompt prepared courteous1
Be Prompt, Prepared & Courteous

  • Be Prepared:

    Always have paper and pencil close

    Be ready to Listen

    Have all tools close by to answer questions

Be prompt prepared courteous2
Be Prompt, Prepared & Courteous

  • Be Courteous:

    Treat each caller like a guest

    Always smile! – It can be heard!

    Treat each caller like you would want to be treated.

Effective listening
Effective Listening

  • Really Listen!

    • Two types:


      To understand what caller is saying


      To evaluate and determine the facts

Effective listening1
Effective Listening

  • Show that you are Listening!

    Be attentive

    Ask caller’s name and then repeat it

    Ask what company the caller is from

    Empathize with callers feelings (if necessary)


  • L = Let Others Speak

  • I = Intend to ‘Hear” Them

  • S = Speak When It Is Your Turn

  • T = Talk With Them, Not At Them

  • E = Enthusiastically Respond

  • N = Never Speak When Others Are Talking

Offer professional assistance
Offer Professional Assistance

  • Establish a respectful relationship

    Always ask how you may help

    Ask caller’s name and if appropriate, the name of their company.

  • Advise honestly what you can do to assist

    Be helpful but honest and don’t promise what you cannot deliver.

Offer professional assistance1
Offer Professional Assistance

  • If transferring or placing call on hold is necessary, always give the caller the option (ask permission).

    - Transfer: Advise caller who you are transferring them to and what extension.

    - Stay on the line to be sure someone answers.

    - Take call back if there is no one for them to talk with (you have already established a relationship.)

Offer professional assistance2
Offer Professional Assistance

  • Placing the caller on hold.

    Always ask their permission

    Check back within 30 seconds

  • Calling the caller back.

    State reasonable and accurate time you can call back.

    Call back when promised.

    Promise only what you can deliver.

Delivering a difficult message
Delivering a Difficult Message

  • Tips that may be helpful:

    • Deliver the message honestly without placing blame.

    • Advise what action will be taken (if appropriate).

    • Advise realistic time frame (if necessary) for any action.

    • Listen and offer Understanding without becoming defensive.

    • Offer an apology (if necessary) for any inconvenience.

    • Remind the caller of any responsibility they need to take.

    • Thank the caller.

Balancing your time with the caller s needs
Balancing Your Time with theCaller’s Needs

  • Your time is valuable!

  • Caller’s time is valuable!

  • Employ effective listening.

  • Take accurate message (READ # back)

  • Advise caller of action being taken.

  • Thank caller for his/her time.

Concluding the call professionally
Concluding the Call Professionally

  • Always thank the caller (by name) for the call.

  • Remind the caller of what you promised (if appropriate).

  • Remind the caller of any actions they are assuming.

  • Remember that a clear message avoids unnecessary calls.


  • Be Prompt, Prepared, and Courteous

  • Listen Effectively

  • Offer Professional Assistance

  • Diffuse Anger or Frustration

  • Deliver the difficult message positively

  • Balance your time with callers needs

  • Conclude the call Professionally

Learn it use it
Learn It – Use It!

  • Name (3) techniques you’ve learned

  • List (1) thing you will change immediately

  • Share your best ‘phone skills’ advice

  • Questions?