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Chapter 21 Summary

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Chapter 21 Summary
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Chapter 21 Summary

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  1. Chapter 21 Summary By: Rubi Robles

  2. Summary In this chapter, Percy is no longer a delinquent in the eyes of the mortals. So, he is offered money by the people for being the victim. With the money, Percy is able to purchase plane tickets and ride to New York. From there, Percy decides to go alone and personally deliver the Master Bolt to Zeus. Percy takes the elevator to the 600th floor and reaches an Ancient Greek City. As Percy makes his way to the top of Mount Olympus, he witnesses it’s beauty filled people selling ambrosia-on-a-stick, wood nymphs throwing olives flirtatiously at him, and the Muses giving a concert in the park.

  3. Summary Continued Percy enters the grand palace of Mount Olympus, and finds the massive throne room. The thrones are empty, except for two at the very right. There sit Percy's dad, Poseidon, and his uncle, Zeus. Percy kneels in front of his dad first, which angers Zeus. So, Percy directs his attention to Zeus and tells him the whole story and everything he knowsand gives Zeus the master bolt. As he says goodbye to Percy, he tells him that he will spare his life this time, but Percy should never fly his skies again. With Zeus gone, Poseidon tells Percy that his mom is alive and back home in their apartment in Queens. As Percy walks back down Mount Olympus, everyone around him watches him and kneels with great respect. He is now considered a hero.

  4. Summary Continued Percy returns to his apartment and greets his mother. They both go into Percy’s room, which is surrounded with Gabe's stuff. In his room, Percy finds a package – the same package he sent to Mount Olympus weeks ago. Inside, he knows is Medusa's head. Percy offers to use the head on Gabe, but Sally refuses to let him do that. Regardless, Percy leaves Medusa's head with her, just in case. Percy decides to go back to Camp Half-Blood for the rest of the summer. At the end of the summer, he would decide whether to come home or stay at the camp forever. In the end, he chooses to go home and stay with his mother.

  5. Quiz • True/False: Medusa’s head is in the package. • True/False: The elevator takes Percy to the 660th floor • True/False: Percy addresses Zeus first • True/False: Percy is not allowed to fly in the skies again. • True/False: Percy chose to stay in Camp Half-Blood for the rest of the summer.