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Author of work : Kislova E. Teacher : Skotnikova E. V. PowerPoint Presentation
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Author of work : Kislova E. Teacher : Skotnikova E. V.

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Author of work : Kislova E. Teacher : Skotnikova E. V. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Author of work : Kislova E. Teacher : Skotnikova E. V.

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Author of work:Kislova E.

Teacher :Skotnikova E. V.


Olympic objects in Sochi were began to built in 2007.On Black Sea coast were built 11 structures. These are: Olympic stadium«Fisht», Bolshoy (ice palace),Shayba (ice stage),curling center «Ice Cube», Iceberg (ice palace),Arena-Adler, Laura (skiing and biathlon complex), ski center «Rose Farm», Russian Slides (springboard), sled (bobsleigh track), extreme-park «Rose Farm».Also was built Olympic Village.


Opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi took place inFisht stadium,February 7, 2014.It was…


After opening began different kinds of competitons:

8)jumping 9)toboggan 10)skeleton 11)snowboard 12)figure skating 13)freestyle 14)hockey 15)short track

1)biathlon 2)bobsled 3)alpine Skiing 4)curling 5)skating 6)nordic Combined 7)cross-Country Skiing


After summarizing the Olympics was closing. It was no less striking than the opening. Thousands of twinkling lights fascinated by it`s beauty. Dancers in bright costumes attracted attention…