3 simple tips to accentuate yourself with right n.
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3 Simple Tips to Accentuate Yourself with Right Accessories: PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Simple Tips to Accentuate Yourself with Right Accessories:

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3 Simple Tips to Accentuate Yourself with Right Accessories: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3 simple tips to accentuate yourself with right

3 Simple Tips to Accentuate Yourself with Right Accessories:

Every lady wants to look perfect and selection of right accessory is highly important for this

perfect look. Accessories have the amazing ability to create an amazing look that you want

whether they are your shoes, scarves, belts, toe rings or anything. These things help girls in

personalizing their looks. We have come up with the few things that can help you in looking chic

all the time when you leave your house. Have a look at the amazingly simple tips:

1.Complimentary Colors:

Select the accessories which compliment your outfit color as well as the complexion. Most of the

girls go for matching accessories such as red dress will have red bag and red hair accessories. It

gives a look of big red blob which is too irritating rather than appealing. One of the best options

for red would be the emerald rings and gold hair accessories.

2.Accessories Size:

The accessories size is directly related to your own size. If you are the small person and you

always wear big shoes then you might have adopted an awkward look. Similarly, on the other

side if you are a bulky person and you have worn a skinny then you will look bigger. So, it is

important to select the accessories that compliment stature. Carefully select bags, hair sticks and

shoes as they can compliment or deteriorate your whole look.

3.Age Suitability:

Just like you select your clothes according to your age, it is important to select your accessories

by keeping in mind your real age. If you are going to wear teen hair sticks, you will not look

like a good lady and no one will take you seriously. This is how; if you are dressing too

conservative related to your age, your fun element will fade away. It is a tough decision but

selection of wearing age appropriated accessory is highly important.