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Website and it’s types PowerPoint Presentation
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Website and it’s types

Website and it’s types

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Website and it’s types

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  1. Developing Mobile Application

  2. Generate Concept First of all, you need concept or idea of an application. You will need description and sketch for the application. Make sure they are as much detailed as possible. Don’t just think about them, note them down in pen and paper. Choose a target group that is select for whom the application is.

  3. Draw flowchart Once you’re done with the concept, add description and show the flow/navigation of using the application. You must give the full explanation of your application concept to your developer. Only then the developer will be able to create application with proper navigation.

  4. Add only basic features in the build version Try to stay with the basic/core features in the build version. Later you can provide updates step by step, considering client reviews. Save the best for the future! This will create an expectation as well as will save development cost in the beginning.

  5. Hire the right developer Once you are done with the above steps, go for hiring a developer. As mentioned before, make sure he/she knows what you want. Always check creditability and portfolio of the developer. Don’t forget the reviews on those applications.

  6. Create platform account After hiring developer, you must create account on google play and apple store to sell your product on those platforms. For example, google play charges a fee of $25 for a year. The first step is to visit the Google Play Android Developer Console and register for a publisher account.

  7. Provide updates As I said before, always listen to the customers. As soon as your application goes live, stay around and listen what the downloaders are saying. Fix the problems, keep updating but don’t overdo it. It’s a great way to start with basic version and offer only core features.

  8. Choose type It’s always a good idea to go for freemium. It may seems free but you can always keep some special features which will add more value and customers would love to pay for it. Freemium won’t do harm to you as you can always use admob and earn from there

  9. advertise application These days, you will see this one a lot that you can download and use an application for free which will show advertise or you can download the advertise free version with some payment. Advertising in the application is not bad but make sure it doesn’t reach irritation level. I found both types, one that showed advertise before very level in a game and other one which is very sensibly added and even lead you to click it as the advertised application is relevant.

  10. social media marketing Social media marketing has become one of the best medium of marketing for digital products these days. People hardly go for heavy cost billboard or TV Commercial. The biggest reason may be because through social media you can reach huge audience even across the globe which is quite impossible or will be very costly if done so by billboard and Television commercial.

  11. digital marketing You already know Facebook has over 1.6 billion users and considered to be one of the best way of digital marketing. Though there are some restrictions on advertising by the Facebook like you cannot put more than 20% text in an advertising image and so on, still it’s quite convenient. You can choose your target audience by setting gender, location and even age group!

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