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  1. WAGEINDICATOR WISUTIL conference, Vienna, Austria 26-27 September2011 Paulien Osse director Wage Indicator Foundation

  2. How it started: How it started: What is my wage? – Good question, nobody knows! Let's find out for myself, my cleaning lady, the nanny. Let's find out for everybody on the labor market. Not only the white male top end. 10 years ago: Dutch initiative - Non Profit – Board: University of Amsterdam + Dutch Confederation of Trade Unions + Monster.com Today: Worldwide platform covering 60 countries. Formal and informal economies, small and large. Now websites with Wages and Benefits by Occupation – International Comparison – Minimum Wages – VIP Wages - Labor Law – Special attention for Women, Youth, Elderly on the Labor market – Career Advice Contribution to: Awareness  Compliance  Social Peace What is WageIndicator

  3. 2001 Netherlands 2004 7 EU-countries 2005 Brasil, South-Africa, India 2006 USA, Mexico, Argentina 2007 Russia, post-soviet countries 2008 more EU, Colombia, Guatemala, Paraguay 2009 Indonesia, Southern Africa 2010 China, Pakistan 2011 Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Australia 2011 – Q 4 - Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana Websites in 60 countries

  4. 3-4 clicks Choose an occupation: choice of many occupations Tick personal characteristics: age, gender, education, region, etc 3) Output screen: average monthly/weekly wage in an occupation, taken into account the characteristics Extra info: Output screen: other characteristics of the occupation A Salary Check is free of charge attractshuge numbers of visitors is based on data collected in a web-survey What is a Salary Check?

  5. Organisation: NL team for overall management, web-management, hosting & technical supportweb-marketing, data- and survey management Organisation: Regional Offices forinternational and sub regionalandnational web and research activities:Buenos Aires, Cape Town/Maputo, Minsk, Ahmedabad Funding: projects from EU, development aid, ministries Funding: licenses, advertisements, sales of data and survey questions (omnibus survey) WageIndicator organisation

  6. Trade unions National confederations– all countries apart from China International confederations: ITUC, UNI Online newspapers, radio Sueddeutsche (DE) La Nacion (AR ); KP.Ru (RU) Portals UOL (BR), MSN (NL, UK), Career sites Career site Monster (BE, KR, NL, SE) WageIndicator Partners

  7. Worldwide > 16 million web-visitors per year worldwide, the public shows a great desire for information about wages, minimum wages, labour law, VIP wages Web-marketing efforts web-marketing and search engine optimization cooperation with major Internet players: MSN, portals, trade unions, newspapers, career sites example: in Brazil with UOL, in China with largest jobsite EFFECT on Web-survey all websites invite visitors to complete a web-survey on work and wages (continuous survey in national language) -> generates a large database with wage information Web traffic and web survey

  8. On wages and working hours wages of nurses in three countries (Finnish & English) wages of engineers, bookkeepers, shop assistants, etc in Germany (German) effects of MNE’s on wages in 7 EU countries (English) On workplace relations attitudes towards collective bargaining coverage (Eng.) effect of dismissals on self-perceived job insecurity (Eng.) On labor markets working conditions in 7 EU countries (English, German, Hungarian, Spanish) Research publications

  9. Yes: The combination between wages and occupations Insight throughout the whole labour market International comparable To use online and offline (survey, minimum wage info, labour law info) Lighthouse in countries where Trade Union is weak Lighthouse in countries with no insight at all in what happens in the labour market (Egypt, Zambia, Pakistan, f.e.) Is this new?

  10. Want to Join? The end