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LaTanya Chauncey

LaTanya Chauncey

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LaTanya Chauncey

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  1. LaTanya Chauncey Naturalgal4U Natural Hairstylist

  2. Who Am I? I am a skilled natural hair stylist with more than 20 years of experience. I am very personable, professional, and knowledgeable about natural hair care and the natural hair care industry. I stay abreast of the latest styling trends and products in the natural hair community by regularly attending natural hair seminars, conventions, and classes, and investing in other natural hair educational resources as they become available.

  3. What is Natural Afro-Centric Textured Hair • Afro-centric hair is used to describe the different range of textures that people have who are of African descent or mixed with African ancestry. • Afro-centric hair textures range from what some refer to as “kinky” hair, which is really just tightly coiled/curly hair, to a looser but course or slightly course curly or wavy hair.

  4. What I do • I specialize in styling and caring for the natural tresses of people who have different types of afro-centric textured hair. My focus is not only on styling, but educating my client on factors that contribute to the health and integrity of their hair and how to care for their hair through diet and topical applications. • Diet • Lifestyle • Stress • Hormones • Medications

  5. Services I Provide • I offer a wide variety of services that help my clients achieve their hairstyling goals. In order to identify the needs of my client, I start out by doing a consultation that helps me to better assess their needs. Once a consultation has been completed, I offer additional services based on our discussion and my assessment of the condition of my client’s hair. Some of those services are : • Hair Product References • Styling Options • Hair/Scalp Treatments • Vitamin/Supplement Recommendations

  6. Why I Do What I Do!! I love everything about natural hair and my goal is to help my clients understand the connection between their hair and their health. It is my desire that my clients will love, accept, and respect their natural tresses as many people of African descent and mixed ancestry are beginning to transition from altering their hair with chemicals to wearing natural styles. I hope to enlighten my clients with the knowledge, experience, and craft of styling natural hair that I have obtained over the years while providing a comfortable atmosphere, professional services, and reasonable prices.