Welcome old river wranglers
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Welcome Old River Wranglers. Back To School Night. 2013-2014. 6 th Graders. Become more independent Focus on Time Management for Jr. High Face a more challenging curriculum Sometimes struggle (First Quarter). Daily Schedule. 8:20-8:55 Welcome/Morning Work 9:00-10:15 Language Arts

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Welcome old river wranglers

WelcomeOld River Wranglers

Back To School Night


6 th graders
6th Graders

  • Become more independent

  • Focus on Time Management for

  • Jr. High

  • Face a more challenging curriculum

  • Sometimes struggle (First Quarter)

Daily schedule
Daily Schedule

8:20-8:55 Welcome/Morning Work

9:00-10:15 Language Arts

10:15-10:30 RECESS

10:30-11:45 Math

11:45-12:20 English/Writing

12:25-1:27 LUNCH

1:30-1:55 Silent Reading/Lit Circles/Core Lit

1:55-2:50 Science/Social Studies

2:55-3:05 Clean Up/Dismissal

Daily work
Daily Work

  • -Come prepared each day (supplies & hw)

  • Class work not finished IS homework, if your child has a lot of hw THEY need to work on TIME MANAGEMENT!

  • -Late work excepted BUT it must be COMPLETED

  • Chorus/Band must complete work they missed

  • GATE (not consider an absence, student needs to find out what they missed and look over it)



-Must have dividers for each subject

-Save ALL work and tests until the END of EACH Quarter

-Will conduct “random” Binder checks

*Binder Hole Punch

*Mini Stapler


Reading/ Language Arts




Social Studies



Sixth grade curriculum
Sixth Grade Curriculum

Reading/Language Arts: CA TREASURES

Reading:Comprehension Strategies

Accelerated Reader

Vocabulary/Word Work

Core Literature: My Side of the Mountain, Egypt Game, Chronicles of Narnia,

Greek and Latin Roots


Writing to Standards: Personal Narrative, Expository, Persuasive, and Response to Literature

Sixth grade curriculum1

Math: Pre-Algebra

Memorized math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)

Multiple digit multiplication

Long division

Fractions, Decimals, Percents


Statistics, Data Analysis, & Probability

Sixth Grade Curriculum

Sixth grade curriculum cont

Social Studies:

More content and independent reading

Reports/Projects (Ancient Civilization, Country Report, Edible Geography )

Ancient Civilization “Walk Through” (November)

Sixth Grade Curriculum Cont.

Sixth grade curriculum cont1


Earth Science, Geology, Marine Biology, Weather & Climate

Science Projects

Science Fair (optional)

Sixth Grade Curriculum Cont.

Sixth grade curriculum cont2

Physical Education:

-Every Wednesday

-Track Events (in the spring)

-Intramurals (Noon sports)

-After-School Sports

Sixth Grade Curriculum Cont.

Sixth grade curriculum cont3


Specialist once a week on Friday 11:10-11:50

Chorus-Friday 2:15-3:05

Band-various days

Sixth Grade Curriculum Cont.

Policies procedures

  • Homework: (*Remind101)

  • Daily (Monday through Thursday) *there are some exceptions to Friday. Do NOT except INC. work.

  • Copied directly from the board

  • Practicing math facts as needed (SumDog,Arcademic Skillbuilders,Timez Attack)

  • Weekly Reading: Every night of the week for 20 minutes

  • Protected Time: 9:00-12:00, please try to avoid Dr./Dentist appointments during this time.

  • Birthdays: small treats (30) can be brought in. (NO CAKE PLEASE)

  • Helpers and Visitors: Sign in at the office

Policies procedures1


The Good

  • Re-Tests, Re-Do’s=OKAY!

  • No-stress Homework

    The Bad

    *1 teacher, 29 students

    *Rapid Pace (class work & instruction)

  • The Ugly

  • Late work earns lower grade

  • Do NOT except INCOMPLETE work, turn it in late

Assertive discipline practiced here

Classroom Rules

Respect others, respect yourself, respect your school.

Follow directions quickly and do your best work.

Raise your hand to speak or stand.

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Be safe, be kind, be honest

Assertive Discipline Practiced Here

  • Consequences

  • Verbal warning

  • Detention/Call Home

  • Parent/Principal Involvement


  • Group Points

  • Verbal praise


Online grade book (except for Math)

Missing Assignment Sheet for Math (Every other week)

Progress Report (mid-Quarter)

Deficiency notices (mid-quarter)

Principal’s List =All A’s

Honor Roll =“B” average, No D’s


Academic competitions

Oral Language

Spelling Bee

Science Fair

Academic Competitions

Field trips

Wind Wolves-February

Ancient Civilization Walk Through-November

6th grade End of the Year Party

Field Trips

Handouts and back table info


New Website

Love Note to your child

Class Wish List

Back Table Info:

Parent Sign In

Parent Helper Form

Email List

Internet Consent Form


Handouts and Back Table Info.


-Old River Website

-CA Content Standards:


New district website www pbvusd net
New District Websitewww.pbvusd.net

  • Stay up-to-date with the district or your child’s school or classroom.

    • District Announcements

    • Upcoming Events

    • Calendars

    • Headlines & Features

    • PBVUSD Twitter

  • Visit our For Parents section for more information.

Parentvue www pbvusd net portal

  • Grades 4-8 Only.

  • Account activation information has been mailed to your home address.

  • Additional Resources are available on the New District Website under For Parents.

  • District Provided real-time information on assignments, grades, immunization compliance, transcripts, and more.

Thank You for Coming

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