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HIGH TECH PIZZA System Request PowerPoint Presentation
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HIGH TECH PIZZA System Request

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HIGH TECH PIZZA System Request - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HIGH TECH PIZZA System Request. Presented By : Anupama Chandrika Mattew. System Request. Project Sponsor: Michael Ferrar, CEO Organization: High Tech Pizza Phone: 281-234-1234 Fax: 281-365-3100 E-mail: ferrar.michael@hightechpizza.com. Business model and background.

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HIGH TECH PIZZA System Request

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high tech pizza system request

System Request

Presented By : Anupama



system request
System Request

Project Sponsor: Michael Ferrar, CEO

Organization: High Tech Pizza

Phone: 281-234-1234

Fax: 281-365-3100

E-mail: ferrar.michael@hightechpizza.com

business model and background
Businessmodel and background
  • High Tech Pizza is a Houston based pizza company.
  • It’s a chain of 53 branches located in the Texas.
  • Been in business for last 15 years.
  • About $40,000,000 annual sales.
  • Currently employs 106 full-time and 485 part-time members.
  • Very well established in the Texas pizza market.
business model and background contd
Business model and background (contd)
  • Company earns revenue by selling pizzas through numerous branch locations.
  • Current system processes pizza delivery transactions using credit cards at the branch location via keypad entry on outboard credit card processing terminals.
  • Company is suffering high chargeback rates and higher processing fees for non-swiped credit card transactions for pizza deliveries.
business need
Business Need
  • Need efficient system to handle transaction to reduce chargeback rates and processing fees company wide.
  • Need accurate database reports for market demographics and purchasing patterns.
  • Need accurate reports on timeliness of deliveries and efficiency of production.
business requirement
Business Requirement
  • Ease of transition to new system.
  • Ease of training of delivery team members.
  • Use of low cost equipment that is already available in marketplace.
  • Secure credit card transaction processing.
  • Database compilation on customer preferences, buying patterns, modes of payment, etc. to improve overall customer satisfaction.
business values tangible
Business Values (tangible)
  • Lowering credit card transaction processing fees from 3.25% to 2.25%.
  • On credit card sales $1,250,000 per month, that represents a savings of $12,500 per month.
  • Increased efficiency in transactions.
  • A reduction in chargeback rates from 4% of total credit card transactions to .5% which represents a savings of $525,000.
business values intangible
Business Values (intangible)
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Database updated automatically, not requiring personnel to update manually.
  • Increased accuracy of credit card transactions.
  • New system will be more secure than keypad entry system.
special issues
Special Issues
  • Software Application must be developed.
  • Cost is a concern due in part to the development level of this new technology.
  • PCI Compliance Standard must be attained to achieve cost reductions.