the world is flat is pds flat too n.
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The World is Flat: Is PDS Flat Too? PowerPoint Presentation
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The World is Flat: Is PDS Flat Too?

The World is Flat: Is PDS Flat Too?

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The World is Flat: Is PDS Flat Too?

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  1. The World is Flat: Is PDS Flat Too? Dr. Claudia Balach, Slippery Rock University Dr. Lee Williams, Slippery Rock University

  2. Origin of this Session • Dr. Balach • Dr. Williams • Resultant conversations about: • New cultural mechanisms • New infrastructure mechanisms • Survival

  3. The Context • Not based on research! • Our best thinking to date • Open to interpretation and revision • Took what we do and related to Friedman thinking

  4. What Does Friedman Mean? • “The playing field is being leveled. America was going to be challenged, but, the challenge would be good for America because we are always at our best when we are being challenged.” • Globalization is the word we came up with to describe the changing relationships between governments and big businesses. But what is going on today is a much broader, much more profound phenomenon. It is not simply about how governments, businesses, and some people interact, but it is about the emergence of completely new social, political, and business models.” (David Rothkopf, p. 45)

  5. One More Quote! • If I am right about the flattening of the world, it will be remembered as one of those fundamental changes- like the rise of the nation-state or the Industrial Revolution- each of which, in its day, produced changes in the role of individuals, the role and form of governments, the way we innovated, the way we conducted business, the role of women, the way we fought wars, the way we educated ourselves, the way science and research were conducted, not to mention the political labels we assigned to ourselves and to our opponents….. The changes….. So sweeping, so multifaceted, and hard to predict at the time.” (Rothkopf, p 45-46)

  6. 11/9/89 8/9/95 Work-flow software Open-sourcing Outsourcing (specific, but limited function from in-house performed elsewhere; then reintegrate that work back into your operation) Opening walls between K-12 and IHE (PDE; when PDS work is planned, needs of the “PDS” considered, not needs of individual partners) Not sure that we are really there yet (rural districts?; Wexford PDS and Action Research) We have the tools; we sometimes use them (SEFE 270/Mann PDS example) Some examples of this; not widespread yet (outgrowth of action research) Some examples of this; not widespread yet (printing) What does this have to do with PDS?

  7. Offshoring (move whole operation elsewhere) Supply-chaining Insourcing In-forming The Steroids (digital, mobile, personal, virtual) Kind of what University of Phoenix does; we do not aspire to do that! Education in some ways already does this Tutoring programs; differentiated field experiences; PD offerings This must be the cornerstone of teaching and learning for all Simple machines assignment; NBPTS webquests What does this have to do with PDS?

  8. Aspects of the Flat PDS at SRU • Culture • Infrastructure • Responsibility • Flexibility and flow

  9. Can a “true” PDS exist that is NOT flat???

  10. What Do You Think?????