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  1. dream….vision…commitment… • KARRIA SIMMONS • Plainfield High School • Class of 1997 • William Paterson University • Bachelor’s of Arts – Sociology • Clark Atlanta University • Master’s – Social Work • Director-Domestic Violence Shelter How do you measure your success?  When measuring my own success, I don’t look at the clothes in my closet or the type of car I drive. Instead, I think back to when I was a child dreaming about who I would become and the changes that I wanted to see happen in the world. I remember seeing families suffer from domestic violence, poverty, child abuse and drug addictions. As a child I would often wonder whom, if anyone was going to help them, and how. Through New Horizons College Club I learned that the first part of the solution was for me to look in the mirror and figure out how I would help them. As I grew older, my concern and interest in social issues grew as well. I continuously have to thank New Horizons College Club for instilling in me not only a sense of accountability but also a sense of community. …..the legacy continues

  2. dream….vision…commitment… • VALERIE VALENTINE • Plainfield High School • Class of 2004 • Junior • Rutgers University • Major – Sports Management and Communications James Brown told us “I don’t want nobody to give me nothing, just open up the door, I’ll get it myself.” For me, New Horizons was the place where I learned that I could utilize my resources and do anything that I wanted to. With the assistance of New Horizons (and my wonderful mother) not only did I get into the colleges of my choice, but I secured enough outside funding so I am not paying a penny for my education! I am now a junior at Rutgers University in New Brunswick double majoring in Sports Management and Communication. As I finish up my third year and head into the home stretch, I will do so knowing that everything that I learned during my time as a member of New Horizons has helped me to get this far. Thank You New Horizons! …..the legacy continues

  3. dream….vision…commitment… • ANWAR COUNTS • Plainfield High School • Class of 2004 • Junior • Rowan University • Major – Communications Writer/poet, actor, model, orator, Anwar L. Counts self-published his first compiled selections of poetry in Birth of a Poet Conceived: The Womb of Difference (2007). Counts has performed Spoken Word/poetry across the state of New Jersey earning recognition from the NAACP ACT-SO. He earned the 2006 Editor's Choice Published Poet Ribbon Award Pin for his poem "Reflection of His Story" and was also recognized for his poem "Broken-Hearted Love" (2006) by the International Library of Poetry. Counts, a Junior at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ (2007), is very active on his college campus. He is a member of five on-campus organizations holding four leadership positions. He also serves as an Intern Production Assistant for the African-American Profile; an on-air program at 89.7 WGLS-FM. Counts is anticipated to graduate in May of 2008 with a Bachelor in Communications with a specialization in Radio, TV, Film, a minor in Theatre and a concentration in African-American Studies. …..the legacy continues

  4. dream….vision…commitment… • DENNIS MCCLOUD • Plainfield High School • Class of 2003 • Senior • Hampton University • Major – Political Science Upon graduation from Plainfield High School, Dennis matriculated to Hampton University where he will graduate May 13, 2007. While at Hampton University Dennis has been on the Dean’s List 7 consecutive semesters, as he has excelled in endeavors in and outside of the classroom. He is also member of Pi Sigma Alpha Political science Honors Society and Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity . Professionally, Dennis is set to do abundantly great things. An aspiring attorney, Dennis has had several internship opportunities in which his performance far exceeds the expectations of all he encounters. He has had internship experiences with Key Law Firm of Edison, NJ; Rutgers University Upward Bound (where he was once a student) , the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority, and the City of Hampton, Virginia’s City Manager’s office. Mr. McCloud is also a 2006 Fellow of the Phillip G. Hubbard PLUS law program at the University of Iowa College of Law …..the legacy continues

  5. dream….vision…commitment… • TAMIKA STEMBRIDGE • Plainfield High School • Class of 1999 • Spelman College • BS – Economics With impeccable academic performance, strong leadership roles, and numerous accolades under my belt, I finished as the valedictorian of Plainfield High School’s class of 1999. However the life-steps beyond high school were significantly shaped by the “change of plans” that began during the fall of my senior year. It was at that time that a group of impressive, motivating, strong-willed, distinctly-charactered people entered my life. The Advisors of New Horizons fed my need for additional support through the college application process, but more importantly took a keen interest in helping me to take the reins of life into my own hands. They challenged me in a way unlike any other people I had ever encountered. The decision to attend Spelman College, versus Yale University, was directly connected to all that I had learned about myself during New Horizons. New Horizons has always been about more than learning the “process”…it’s been about connecting our youth with positive people and influences. Having come full circle, I’m experiencing the process of self-discovery through the lives of other young people and learning more about the “who” that I am, in the process. My quest in life has shifted - from pursuing perfection to operating in greatness, from fulfilling the expectations of society to acting on the passions of my own inner being, to living with intention rather than a complacent existence. Mahatma Gandhi encouraged that “[we] must be the change [we] wish to see in the world." Well, I’m changing…moving into the space that was meant for me, and helping others to find their space in the process! …..the legacy continues

  6. dream….vision…commitment… • LYLE HICKMAN • Plainfield High School • Class of 2004 • Junior • New Jersey City University • Major – English with a concentration in Journalism Lyle Hickman is a third year student at New Jersey City University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Journalism. Since his enrollment at New Jersey City University in the fall of 2004, Lyle has maintained a cumulative Grade Point Average above a 3.3 Lyle Hickman has served as a Student Assistant at the Lee Hagan Africana Center, Resident Assistant NJCU Student Orientation Leader, member of the NJCU Public Information Committee member of Shango and the Black Administrator Alumni Faculty Staff and Student Organization (BAAFSO), Vice President and President of the Black Freedom Society, and has written several articles for the school paper the Gothic Times. Lyle Hickman, the Black Freedom Society and 5th Column Media Artists and Activists such as Hasan Salaam, HiCoup, Bad Sportt, and Rugged and Raw conduct monthly food and clothing drives in Jersey City. When permissible, Lyle Hickman returns to Plainfield High School and New Horizons College Club during the year, visiting teachers, speaking to the classes about the importance of education and vocalizing his experiences in college and how they’ve contributed to his growth and level of consciousness. Lyle has started a book scholarship for Plainfield High School students who are graduating and pursuing higher education with intentions of returning to their community to affect positive change. Lyle has had much help along his continuing road to success and while pursuing his goals, he recognizes the importance of giving back to the village from which he emerged. …..the legacy continues

  7. dream….vision…commitment… • TRISTIAN COX • Plainfield High School • Class of 2005 • Junior • Rutgers University • Major – Political Science Tristian Cox is a sophomore at Rutgers University. He is currently studying Africana Studies/History. His aspirations include completing a five year Masters program that will prepare allow him to receive certification as a high school history teacher. His absolute desire is to return to the Plainfield school system and teach at Plainfield High School. He wants to become a teacher and give back to the Plainfield community. Throughout high school, he had a strong support system. As a result of having a strong support system he believes it is his duty to give back to the community and create that same strong support system for another youth that comes after him. Tristian was an active attendee of the NHCC for four whole years, in fact by the time he was a sophomore in high school he pretty much knew about everything about going to college from dealing with trouble roommates to taking care of financial aid. If it was not for the NHCC the transition from college to high school would not have been as easy. …..the legacy continues