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SPECIAL SERVICES FOR VOLLEYBALL CLUBS The THS Company 306 High Street, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 (888) 536-TEAM www.thsweb.com Table of Contents 1. Priority Booking Status 2. Rewards Program for the Club Contact

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special services for




The THS Company

306 High Street, Hackettstown, NJ 07840

(888) 536-TEAM www.thsweb.com

table of contents
Table of Contents

1. Priority Booking Status

2. Rewards Program for the Club Contact

3. Travel Agency Shared Commissions

4. Easy Reservation Process

5. No Fuss, No Muss Reservations

for your Parents

6. YES, you get the COMPS!

7. Look Closer and

there’s MORE!

8. Check us out!!!

1 priority booking status
1. Priority Booking Status

Because THS is the official housing service for these

tournaments, we can give your club priority booking status

to help you secure the perfect hotel(s) for your club:

  • Colorado Crossroads - Denver
  • Tampa Bay Big South Qualifier – Atlanta
  • Asics Junior National Volleyball Championship - Chicago
  • USA Volleyball USA Open - TBD
  • USA Volleyball Girls Invitational - Minneapolis
  • USA Volleyball - Boys Championship - Minneapolis
  • USA Volleyball Girls Championship - Atlanta

“Priority Status” means that for the Girls Championship, we will

confirm your club’s reservation before the teams have qualified*.

And for the rest of the tournaments, we will give you priority

access to the largest hotel blocks, so you get the best hotel(s) for

your club.

* Based on the previous year’s number of qualified teams.

2 rewards program for the club contact
2. Rewards Program for the Club Contact

You can earn great rewards for you or your club

by using THS whenever your club travels.

It won’t take long to earn some great gifts:


250 $100 Cash back or Gift Certificate

500 $225 Cash back or Gift Certificate

1,000 $500 Cash back or Gift Certificate

2,500 $1,250 Cash back, Gift Certificate or

a 3-day/2-night Vacation

5,000 $3,000 Cash back, Gift Certificate or

an 8-day/7-night vacation

3 travel agency shared commissions
3. Travel Agency Shared Commissions

If you use a travel agency for your club travel,

we have a program for them:

THS and our Tournament Director Clients

have teamed up to pay all travel agents with a valid IATA number a 5% commission for your club’s bookings.*

That is good for all of our client tournaments, as well as outbound travel for your club of 5 teams or more.

* Note - Travel Agents collecting 5% commission on this program are not eligible for the Rewards Program.

4 easy reservation process
4.Easy Reservation Process


  • Reservations can be submitted through our website, via

fax, mail, or if necessary, over the phone.

    • Online reservations will confirm up to 100 rooms per reservation,

automatically 24/7 within seconds.

    • For reservations of 101 or more rooms, telephone assistance is

available 8:30am-8:30pm ET Weekdays, and until 5pm

on Saturdays.


  • After you submit a reservation, THS returns a link via

e-mail for you to access the contract and rooming

list form.

    • You can accept the contract on line, or print out a hard copy
    • You can submit the rooming list online, or send us a hard copy.


  • To make it as easy as possible on

you, we have all changes in the

rooming list go through THS.

You can easily do that online.

5 no fuss no muss reservations for your parents
5. No Fuss, No MussReservations for your Parents

Don’t feel like collecting credit card numbers?

Would you like to set aside rooms for the families but

not be responsible for that reservation?

Then you’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE!

Two ways to make it simple:

1) Make your club reservation, then post the “parent” website link on your site that we will send you (or do a global e-mail). Each parent will be able to access your club reservation, but only to enter their own personal credit card information. Only you will be able to see the whole reservation and its pickup.

2) Make the reservations for the teams, and add a “piggyback parent reservation to it. Post that link for your parents, and reservations will be accepted to a certain date, and will automatically release after that (you don’t even have to sign a contract for the parent block).

6 yes you get the comps
6. YES, you get the COMPS

You know those pesky housing services, always giving away YOUR comps to the tournament.

Well, not on our watch mister!*

We will negotiate the best comp ratio we can get at each hotel (between 1/15

and 1/40) and pass that on to your club

for coaches and officials.

You can count on it!

* Only exception is the headquarters

hotel for our client tournaments.

7 look closer and there s more
7. Look Closerand there’s MORE!
  • Guaranteed lowest rates at the hotels we book your club into.
  • THS will set up meeting rooms, warm-up areas, meals, ground transportation, etc.
  • Rebates back to your club can be negotiated into the rates, collected and paid to the club for all outbound travel trips.
  • Does your Club want to be in a hotel without ANY OTHER VOLLEYBALL TEAMS? We can arrange it.
  • Does your Club want to be in a hotel not in our Client Tournament block? Just ask, and we can arrange it.
  • Last but not least, THS is an

insurance policy against hotel

mistakes - they won’t become

your problem anymore!

8 check us out
8. Check us Out !!!
  • Go to www.thsweb.com
    • Look at the overall organization.
    • Click on a sport, then an active


    • Click on the button bar on the left

side of the tournament page.

    • Submit a TEST team reservation

to see how it works.

Columbo, in search of evidence

  • Call a few of our references:
    • Kay Rogness – Tourn. Director - 303-917-6352
    • Lauri Dagastino – Tourn. Director - 813-837-8115
    • Mike Chandler - Director of Events - USA Volleyball - 719-228-6800
    • Louise Waxler – Tourn. Director - Columbia Invitational - 410-740-1147
    • Christy Simmons - Director of Events - U.S. Fencing Association


    • Deb DiMatteo - Tournament Director - ASICS Jr. National

Volleyball Championship - 630-416-0052.

  • Call any of the major Hotel Chains:
    • Marriott, Hilton, Six Continents, Choice, Cendant, Wyndham,

Hyatt, etc.

    • Call us for their National Sales contact & telephone number.