enviormental problems l.
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  1. ENVIORMENTALPROBLEMS By: Janelle Host Nick Ames global warming

  2. Environmental Issues Discussed global warming

  3. GLOBAL WARMING Definition: Global warming is the observed increase in average temperature if the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades. It is due to the increased amounts of greenhouse gasses like C02. Greenhouse gasses absorb the infrared rays that heat the planet, instead of allowing them to escape the atmosphere. Major IssuesBack to Main Page global warming

  4. Major Issues • Increased gasses are a result of human population increase and inventions such as gas exhaust from cars. • Increase in global temperature can result in the increase of sea level and amount of precipitation, in turn creating floods • Other theories believe that global warming is within the natural cyclic fluctuations. We are just at a high point in temperature. Back to DefinitionBack to Main Page global warming

  5. DEFORESTATION Click for Video Definition: The conversion of forested areas to non-forest land use such as urban use or farmable land. This removal of trees with insufficient amounts of reforestation Major IssuesBack to Main Page global warming

  6. Major Issues • It alters the amount of water in the soil and ground water and the moisture in the atmosphere. • We have no methods to remove CO2 and pollutants from the air aside from trees that clean the air for us. • Runoff is faster and more flooding may occur. • Displaces natural wildlife, sometimes with fatal effects. Back to DefinitionBack to Main Page global warming

  7. ENDANGERED SPECIES Definition: A population of something which is either few in numbers or threatened by environmental factors of becoming extinct. Major IssuesBack to Main Page global warming

  8. Major Issues • Loss of a species in itself, morally and genetically. • Destabilizes the eco system as a whole, removing one species may remove a link to the food chain, other species who interact or depend on them may starve. Also, one species may become more rampart if not removed by another. Back to DefinitionIssues Main Page global warming

  9. Pollution Definition Factories Landfills Water Pollution Crop Runoff Automobiles Issues Home Air Pollution Effects global warming

  10. Definition • Any substance which in excess is known to be harmful to any living organism. Two Categories Point SourceNon Point Source Pollution Home global warming

  11. Point Source • Usually confined sources of air and water pollution such as pipes that enter into a stream or chimney stacks emitting waste into the atmosphere. • Examples: Factories, Oil Spills Pollution MainPollution Definition global warming

  12. Non-Point Source • Diffused or intermittent sources of pollution, can be air or water. • Non-Point sources are those that don’t have powerful/concentrated amounts of pollution • Examples: Crop Runoff, Landfills Pollution HomePollution Definition global warming

  13. Crop Runoff • Crop runoff involves the movement of water over a surface. • Crop runoff becomes pollution when harmful chemicals that are often placed on crops are carried from the fields into nearby bodies of water. Pollution Home global warming

  14. Landfills • Landfills are used to deposit wasted material. • Water pollution can occur when hazardous material makes its way into nearby aquifers and groundwater tables. Pollution Home global warming

  15. Water Pollution • All human activities in which there are adverse effects to bodies of water. Natural occurrences such as volcanoes are typically not included as water pollution. • Possible contaminants could include organic and inorganic matter. Pollution sources range from surface runoff to industrial discharge. • Water pollution kills fish and destroys plant life. It can also harm human beings, besides the fact that we are consumers of fish. Water pollution can eliminate valuable drinking water and can create sickness and even death. Pollution Home global warming

  16. Effects of Pollution • Pollution has a great impact on humans. It can cause cancer, immune diseases, allergies, and asthma. It can kill many other organisms, other than humans. • Pollution can have damaging effects to the brain and the central nervous system. • Environmentally pollution can decrease the lifespan of earth’s natural commodities such as vegetation, minerals, and wildlife. Pollution DefinitionPollution Home global warming

  17. Air Pollution • Air pollution is the presence of any chemical, biological or physical matter that is changes the atmosphere. • Human sources include: burning of fossil fuels, automobiles, and other chemical additives • Natural sources: dust particles, smoke from wildfires. Pollution HomePollution Definition global warming

  18. Pollution from Automobiles Click here for more Automobile pollution facts. • Automobile pollution is a very important issue and many advancements have been made in the field. Scientists have created more efficient cars that can run on fuel that breaks down easier and emits less volatile substances. • America is dominated with automobiles and almost every family has at least one. • Although improvements have been made, this topic is still up for debate. Also, solutions are being sorted out to see which has the most up side. The big debate is between ethanol and electric automobiles. Pollution Home global warming

  19. Factories and Industries • In 1007 a total of 16,462 tons of factory waste were not re-used as resources. • 83% of total factory waste consists of liquid waste acid from the distillation of products. • These liquid and gas waste products from factories greatly increases the affects of global warming. Pollution Home global warming

  20. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill • One of the most devastating environmental disasters to occur at sea, seriously affecting plants and wildlife. • The ship carrying the oil carried 53,094,510 gallons of oil which 10.8 million gallons were spilled. Pollution HomeWater Pollution Definition global warming

  21. Reference Page • www.unitedstreaming.org • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exxon_Valdez_oil_spill • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/IRpollution.htm global warming