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Minimize your company’s risk while maximizing your greatest assets PowerPoint Presentation
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Minimize your company’s risk while maximizing your greatest assets

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Minimize your company’s risk while maximizing your greatest assets - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Abra LearningAction Online Compliance Training. Minimize your company’s risk while maximizing your greatest assets. Agenda. What is Abra LearningAction? Statistics – What You Should Know The Importance of Compliance Training The Costs of Non-Compliance

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Presentation Transcript

Abra LearningAction

Online Compliance Training

Minimize your company’s risk while maximizing your greatest assets



  • What is Abra LearningAction?
  • Statistics – What You Should Know
  • The Importance of Compliance Training
  • The Costs of Non-Compliance
  • Traditional Training Methods and Associated Challenges
  • eLearning – The New Business Standard
  • Advantages of Online Training
  • The Abra LearningAction Solution
  • Demo of Courses
  • Customer List
  • Q&A – Packet Review

Abra LearningAction

  • A comprehensive collection of legal and compliance training modules that can help mitigate the chance of costly employee litigation
  • Compelling content that ensures your employees are well informed of company policies contributing to a harmonious work environment
  • User experience is enhanced with the use of sound and animation leading to high completion rates
  • Management and delivery system enables organizations to manage training and dissemination of policy information throughout their entire organization and track individual progress
  • A well informed workforce is a more productive workforce!

Statistics – What You Should Know

  • 6 out of 10 companies have been named as defendants in at least one suit in the past five years. (SHRM study)
  • Larger companies (> 250 workers) reported an average of 6.08 sexual harassment complaints per year, while smaller companies reported an average of 2.18 complaints per year (SRHM study)
  • When a company is sued in a harassment case, it statistically has a greater than 50 percent chance of losing the case.
  • A recent study found that wrongful termination suits average jury awards range from $300,000 for disability discrimination to $700,000 for race discrimination. (The Industry Standard)
  • Jury awards are just the beginning of the costs companies incur. Companies also face large attorneys' fees of their own and may be required to pay attorneys' fees for the plaintiff as well.
  • Companies also face very large settlement costs, not to mention court fees and the cost of time invested in responding to suits.

Implement a Compliance Training Program!

How can companies protect themselves?

Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, an effective compliance program can result in reductions of up to 60% in potential fines!


The Importance of Compliance Training

  • New legislation has made it important that every employee understand:
    • what harassment and discrimination is
    • what their organization’s complaint process is
  • Legislation has made employers responsible for managers’ conduct, particularly in harassment situations.
  • Employers can escape punitive damages for a discriminatory action taken by a manager if they make a “good faith” effort to educate workers.

(Supreme Court case: Kolstad vs. American Dental Association)

    • Institute anti discrimination policies
    • Train employees about the policies

The Costs of Non-Compliance are Too High!

  • Civil damage awards or settlements
  • Legal fees and costs
  • Decreased employee productivity and disruption to operations
  • Damaged employee morale
  • Negative publicity
  • Heightened scrutiny by and accountability to governmental agencies

Effective Compliance Program Elements

  • Comprehensive standards and procedures
  • Communication to employees
  • Monitoring, auditing and reporting systems
  • Prompt and effective response to known problems

Several Traditional Training Methods Available

  • On-site classroom training
  • Videos
  • Printed Materials
  • CD ROM
  • Off-site seminars

The Challenge with Traditional Training Methods

It is nearly impossible to

  • reach every worker
  • conduct training and
  • document that training occurred

in a cost-effective manner.


Scheduling sessions for large groups

Planning for remote employees and multiple shifts

Tracking who has not been trained is difficult

Preventingemployees from evading training

The Challenge with Traditional Training Methods


Disrupts day-to-day operations

  • Further complicates training
  • Includes: temporary workers, Indep Contractors, nightshift personnel & ees in dispersed geographic locations
  • new hires
  • terminations
  • transfers
  • employees are busy
  • a significant percentage of them will try to evade the training program

e-Learning – The New Business Standard

  • “Live training” has traditionally been the exclusive means to train employees and still accounts for a large portion of all training.
  • The Internet has fundamentally changed the way organizations train their employees.
  • In 2001, 62% of employers provided training by various e-learning technologies as opposed to only 9% in 1997.
  • Growth of e-learning market is estimated at 85% per year.
  • Over 95% of leading edge companies utilized outside firms to meet part of their training needs.
  • With tight budgets and busy offices, people are less apt to want to travel or take a lot of “productive time” for training.
  • People want information at their desk and want to be able to focus on it at a time that is more convenient for them.
web based e learning training meets the challenge
Web Based e-Learning Training Meets the Challenge
  • In evaluating web based training, you should consider whether:
    • The content is high-quality
    • It uses multimedia – such as sound and animation to provide an engaging user experience
    • Courses can run on every computer in the organization
    • Every user gets the most enhanced version of the course that his or her computer can display
    • It is supported by a tracking system which automates management of the training program
    • It can link to the organization’s ERP system to seamlessly integrate new hires, terminations and transfers

Web Based e-Learning Training Meets the Challenge

  • A comprehensive tracking / management system addresses employees who try to evade training by automatically:
    • notifying employees of the need for training
    • re-notifying and reminding employees who fail to take training within a specified period of time
    • notifying managers and supervisors which of their direct reports have not completed training
    • generating high level reports for executives to help them identify non-compliant departments and hold managers accountable
the abra learningaction solution
The Abra LearningAction Solution
  • Recognized for interactive and engaging content
  • Built by world-class legal experts
  • Proprietary Compliance Manager System
    • Automatic Email notification to all employees
    • Email reminders if course is not taken
    • Links with an ERP / HRIS system
    • All activity is tracked. A company can see who has taken a course, when it was taken, and if it was completed
  • Chooser technology
    • Automatically delivers the best version of a course that a user’s computer can support.
    • Courses run on every computer in an organization. No plug-ins are necessary.
    • Every user gets the best course their computer can display.

Library of Courses

  • Preventing Workplace Harassment & Discrimination
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment & Discrimination –
    • Supervisor Supplement
    • Refresher Course
    • Spanish Version
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Legal Aspects of Interviewing
  • Complying with FMLA
  • Complying with ADA
  • Rightful Termination
  • Privacy in the Workplace
  • Insider Trading
  • Understanding Stock Options & Equity Plans

Demonstration of Course

Preventing Workplace Harassment & Discrimination

Supervisor’s Supplement


Course Highlights

  • Interactive content
  • Concepts fully defined and exemplified through vignettes
  • Comprehension tested through Q & A (throughout entire course)
  • Only “correct” answers advance course
  • Fully automated system that informs, reminds and tracks employee activity
  • Compliance reports in “real time” (Report writer feature included)

Customers – All Sizes in All Industries

  • Consumer Products (Sara Lee, Duracell, Kellwood Companies)
  • Technology (Akamai Technology)
  • Finance (GATX Capital)
  • Food and beverage (Burger King)
  • Telecommunications (Covad Communications, NECA, Sycamore Networks)
  • Television (Educational Broadcasting - Channel 13)
  • Education (Tufts University, Angelo State University)
  • Real Estate (Trammell Crow, Equity Residential)
  • Consulting (Worldnow, Demos Consulting)
  • Heavy industry (Mitsubishi)
  • Transportation (GATX Corporation)
  • Publication (Palm Beach Post)

Q & A / Packet Review

  • Current compliance training process?
  • Current delivery methods?
  • Multiple locations?
  • How do you reach all employees?
  • Do you use eLearning for any part of your business?
  • How do you test for understanding?
  • How do you track participation?
  • Packet Review…