Call Monitoring and Agent Coaching
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Call Monitoring and Agent Coaching (Best Practices) Dr. Jon Anton Director of Research Center for Customer-Driven Quality Purdue University Sponsored by HyperQuality Monitor and evaluate your calls overnight Recommend specific actions for coaching Off-premises and on-demand

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Call Monitoring and Agent Coaching(Best Practices)Dr. Jon AntonDirector of ResearchCenter for Customer-Driven QualityPurdue UniversitySponsored byHyperQuality

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Monitor and evaluate your calls overnight

Recommend specific actions for coaching

Off-premises and on-demand

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200 000 l.jpg

200,000 +

The number of contact centers in the world…

15 000 000 000 l.jpg

15,000,000,000 +

The number of contacts between customers and companies in 2007…

Slide6 l.jpg

50 +

Average number of agents per contact center…

5 000 000 l.jpg


Approximate number of agents working in contact centers worldwide…

A big industry that requires a lot of people and complex enabling technology l.jpg

a BIG industry…


requires a lot of people…


complex enabling technology

All slides can be found as follows l.jpg

All slides can be found as follows: centers!

Go to:

Search for: “Monitor and Coaching”

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TM centers!

Call Monitoring and Agent Coaching

Your Name Here

has attended a seminar focused on Call Monitoring and Agent Coaching leading to operational efficiency and effectiveness.

March 2007

Topics l.jpg

Introduction to BenchmarkPortal centers!

The 24 key processes in all call centers

Agent coaching best practices

Call monitoring best practices

Example of evaluations tied to coaching

Return on investment (ROI)

Conclusions and Recommendations


The benchmarkportal database l.jpg

Largest call center performance database in the world centers!

Collecting data since 1995

Over 46,000 members of our Benchmarking Community

The BenchmarkPortal Database

Multi channel benchmarking l.jpg

Telephone centers!




Web self-service

Multi-Channel Benchmarking

Benchmarking center processes l.jpg

Hiring centers!





Many more….

Benchmarking Center Processes

Slide22 l.jpg

Compared you to others in the your industry… centers!

Metrics related to “Quantity” of calls handled

Slide23 l.jpg

Performance Matrix centers!


Caller Sat


Slide24 l.jpg

The “real” challenge is: centers!

“balancing Quality and Cost…”

Slide25 l.jpg

Performance Matrix centers!

Cost Index

Slide26 l.jpg

Performance Matrix centers!

High Low

Slide27 l.jpg

Performance Matrix centers!

Caller Sat

Quality Index

Cost Index

Slide28 l.jpg

Performance Matrix centers!

Low High

Caller Sat

Cost Index

Slide29 l.jpg

Performance Matrix centers!


Please take a quick guess….

Which quadrant are you in?

Caller Sat


Slide30 l.jpg

Performance Matrix centers!

Corporate Liability

High Quality

Low Cost

Slide31 l.jpg

The Quality Index centers!

This is where

you want to be

The Cost Index

Slide32 l.jpg

Your name here centers!

Slide34 l.jpg

implementing BEST Practices.Best Practices” result when highly creative companies optimize the combination of people, processes, and technologies to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction at the minimum cost…

Slide36 l.jpg

Telephone Channel implementing BEST Practices.

Moment of Truth

“The Call”

Internal Metrics

External Metrics



Response Time

Service Level

And More

  • Customer Experience

  • Reaching an agent

  • Getting a response

  • Issue resolved

24 processes that

Impact “The Call”

Hiring New Employees

Call Quality Monitoring

Training Employees

Call Routing

Employee Development


And eighteen more processes…

Slide37 l.jpg

24 Processes affecting “The Call” implementing BEST Practices.

Analytics and Reporting

Hiring New Employees

Call Center Performance Evaluation

Training Agents

Caller Satisfaction Measurement

Agent Development

Caller Service Recovery

Real-Time Expert Help for Agents

Agent Satisfaction Measurement

Agent Compensation

Caller Self Service

Telephone Service Improvement

Performance Benchmarking

Information Access

CRM Implementation

Agent Workforce Optimization

Teleservices Outsourcing

Call Quality Monitoring

Facilities Management

Agent Coaching

Call Routing

Information Technology

Call Center Communications


Slide38 l.jpg

We expect our Agents to do “everything!” implementing BEST Practices.

handle more customers

address more

complex requests

handle more volume

give customers

choice and control

provide more


be more


and accessible

personalize it

do it faster

incorporate new


lower costs

ensure closure

and commitment



deliver “great” service

Slide39 l.jpg

3. Best Practices in Coaching implementing BEST Practices.

Slide40 l.jpg

What can we learn from implementing BEST Practices.

Professional Coaches?

In sports the following are universal equalizers l.jpg

the size of the arena is fixed, implementing BEST Practices.

the rules of play are set in concrete,

the caliber of the referees is universal,

the selection of players is controlled by league rules,

the number of total players (50) on a team is controlled (football),

there is a “salary cap” for the total team, which limits the “rich from getting richer”,

to name only a few.

In sports, the following are universal “equalizers”

In call centers almost everything is uncontrolled regarding coaching l.jpg

the budget allocate to coaching is different at every call center,

agents are geographically different,

agents are culturally different,

the ratio of coaches to agents is different

who does the coaching is different

In call centers, almost everything is uncontrolled regarding coaching

Slide43 l.jpg

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." center,

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Longest serving President

  • Great depression President

  • World War II President

  • Coaching a nation

Slide44 l.jpg

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strengths." center,

  • Knute Rockne

  • Knute Rockne had such an outstanding career that he is an American folk hero.

  • Coached Notre Dame to five undefeated seasons without a tie.

  • Known as one of the most innovative and charismatic coaches of his era.

Slide45 l.jpg

center,They call it coaching, but really it’s teaching!”

  • Vince Lombardi

  • Super Bowl trophy was named the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy

  • Named NFL Coach of the Year in 1959

  • Named NFL Coach of the Decade in the 1960s

Slide46 l.jpg

center,When coaching, seek first to discover before passing judgment!”

  • Charlene Stringer

  • The only coach in NCAA history to lead three different women's programs to the NCAA Championships.

  • Led her teams to 20 NCAA Tournament appearances

Slide47 l.jpg

center,I'm here to be your coach…

I'm not here to be your friend.”

Herb Brooks

Considered by many to be the greatest ice hockey coach ever. In 1980, he coached the U.S. Olympic team to beat the Soviets, considered by many to be the greatest ice hockey team in the world at the time.

Slide48 l.jpg

center,I don't yell a lot. In fact, yelling will be rare. When I get mad, I usually talk at the same volume I'm talking now. But, when I get really mad…. I whisper .”

  • Tony Dungy

  • First African-American head coach to win the Super Bowl on February 4, 2007, when his Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears.

  • The first coach in Colts history to make the playoffs and win at least 10 games in six consecutive years.

Slide49 l.jpg

center,Most people have the will to win,

few have the will to prepare to win.”

  • Bobby Knight

  • Had 902 career wins

  • Winningest coach in history

  • National coach of the year four times

Slide50 l.jpg

center,I don’t mind being tough, because my dad was tough,”

“I don’t mind showing affection, because my mother showed affection.”

  • Patricia Summitt

  • As head coach of the 1984 U.S. Women’s U.S. Olympic Women’s Basketball Team, saw her team bring home the gold.

  • The first woman basketball coach to break the million-dollar-a-year salary ceiling.

Slide51 l.jpg

center,Just because a guy doesn’t have experience doesn’t mean he won’t be good.”

  • Lou Holtz

  • He is the only coach in NCAA history to lead six different programs to college bowl games.

  • He was the third winningest head football coach in the country

Slide52 l.jpg

“Believe deep down in your heart that you're destined to do great things.”

  • Joe Paterno

  • Holds more bowl victories (24) than any coach in history.

  • Is the only coach to have won each of the current five major bowls—Rose, Orange, Fiesta, Sugar and the Cotton Bowl, at least once.

Coaching is a learned skill that needs to be taught, practiced, and continually developed.

Slide53 l.jpg

“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”

John Wooden

Coached UCLA Bruins Basketball

10 national championships

(7 of them in a row)

88 consecutive victories

What is coaching is l.jpg

The art of mastering change and standing for values that don’t change

The science of motivating people to meet “their” goals

The ability to inspire and develop others

The art of creating a vision and coaching others to strive to achieve it

The science of protecting your “students” from danger and exposing them to reality

What is coaching is:

Herb Brooks

Most important coaching attribute l.jpg
MOST your center? important coaching attribute?

Agents will not actively look for reasons to leave the company when the supervisor l.jpg

treats them fairly your center?

coaches them personally to enhance their performance

advocates issues important to them

operates with integrity & consistency

shows flexibility in finding solutions to unique situations

Agents will not actively look for reasons to leave the company when the supervisor:

Purdue Research

Slide62 l.jpg

Agent Attrition Problem your center?

55% of front line workers are often thinking of quitting or are already making plans to quit within the next year

Source: Sibson & Company

High cost of agent turnover l.jpg

Average Cost to Recruit, Hire, & Train an Agent = $6,500/agent

Annual Turnover Rate in 2007 = 23%

Average Call Center Staffing in U.S. = 100 Agents

Average Annual Replacement Cost of Turnover = $228,000

High Cost of Agent Turnover

This Does Not Account for Hidden Costs

Hidden costs of agent turnover l.jpg

Lost Knowledge and Experience $6,500/agent

Impact on Employee Morale

Rescheduling Costs to Balance Workload

Overtime Costs to Maintain Coverage

HR Costs of Separation (Exit Interviews, Halting Payroll, COBRA)

Productivity Drop

Hidden Costs of Agent Turnover

Slide65 l.jpg

Employer’s Level of Influence over Employees’ Decision to Stay



Employees’ Level of Control

over Decision to Leave


Who should coach the agent l.jpg

The primary coach should be the supervisor to Stay

If delegated, it normally falls to the team lead

The least effect method is to have the QA person do the coaching

Who Should Coach the Agent?

Slide68 l.jpg

Supervisor – The Critical Link to Stay

  • I am the youngest member of the management team!

  • I have the most direct reports!

  • I have very little coaching experience!

Oh my!

Agent coaching l.jpg

Minimum five times per month to Stay

Preferably, there should be coaching every week

If there is a problem detected in how the agent is handling customer calls, the coaching should be immediate

New agents need to be coach much more often, potentially every day

Agent Coaching

Slide72 l.jpg

Tell me about...? to Stay


What do you think about…?

How do you feel about…?

What was your understanding…?

Seek first to discover before rendering judgment…..ask questions like:

John Wooden

Slide73 l.jpg

The Results 80/20 Coaching Rule to Stay

(who does the talking)





Pure listening is when you are not l.jpg

multitasking to Stay

thinking about lunch

watching people walk by your office

answering telephone calls

setting up appointments

text messaging

Pure listening is when you are NOT:

Pat Summitt

How to facilitate constructive performance feedback l.jpg

A safe environment ensures honesty to Stay

Feedback should be specific and mutually developed

Build on strengths and unique potential

Dialogue creates shared responsibility

Challenging limiting assumptions leads to awareness and action

How to Facilitate Constructive Performance Feedback

Joe Paterno

Smart performance goal setting characteristics l.jpg

S to Staypecific


Agreed upon


Time bound

“SMART” Performance Goal Setting Characteristics:

Lou Holtz

What winning coaches do l.jpg

Attract, select, retain the best people. to Stay

Develop the individual to augment the team.

Are doers, not preachers.

Develop a strategy & vision for the individual.

Relentlessly upgrades the team by evaluating, coaching, and building self-confidence.

Ensure that people not only see the vision, but that they also live and breath it.

Get under everyone’s skin, exuding positive energy and optimism.

What Winning Coaches Do

Purdue Research

What winning coaches do more l.jpg

Establish trust with candor, transparency, and credit. to Stay

Have the courage to make unpopular decisions and gut calls.

Probe & push with a curiosity that borders on skepticism, making sure their questions are answered with action.

Inspire risk-taking and learning by setting the example.

Celebrate the successes of their people through their people.

What Winning Coaches Do (more)

Purdue Research

Agent coaching current state future state l.jpg

Agent Coaching to StayCurrent State Future State

  • Evaluation (evals) always late

  • Supervisors too busy to coach

  • Lucky to be coached a few times a month

  • No training for coaches

  • Agent often demoralized by untrained coaches

  • Process produces minimum behavioral changes

  • Move call monitoring to a third party located off-shore

  • Add a caller feedback system

  • Do more evals for less

  • Ensure that all evals are ready for agent coaching at the beginning of the next day

  • Drive feedback directly back to the agent thru a “dashboard” for self management

  • Don’t tie quality scores to performance pay

  • Conduct word mining to “dig deeper” into caller feedback

  • Develop coaches into retention champions

We asked a statistical sample of callers and found the following hierarchy of needs l.jpg

We asked a statistical sample of callers to Stay


found the following hierarchy of needs…

Slide83 l.jpg

Hierarchy of Caller Needs to Stay




Know Me

Value My Business

Accurate Answer

Caring, Empathic Voice

Fast Access to Assistance

Slide87 l.jpg

Lack of time today…?

to monitor

Slide88 l.jpg

Call Center today…?

Time Management Quadrants

Important and


Important but

Not Urgent

Not Urgent and

Not Important

Urgent but

Not Important

Source: Stephen Covey

Slide89 l.jpg

Let’s review the today…?current

approach to call monitoring

Slide90 l.jpg

Service Experience today…?

  • What did the caller perceive about their call experience?

  • What was the emotional memory of the event?

  • Did the call experience drive loyalty?

Monitoring Components

Slide91 l.jpg

Compliance “Audit” today…?

  • Was the answer correct?

  • Were the company’s “policies” adhered to?

  • Were the company’s “procedures” followed?

Monitoring Components

Challenges with internal qa l.jpg

Moving your best Agents off the phone to do quality monitoring,

When call volumes go up, monitors often go back to call handling,

Monitoring scores are more often questioned when done by local staff,

Favoritism can occur due to normal promotion from within.

Challenges with Internal QA

Slide93 l.jpg

Outsourcer Time-Management Quadrants monitoring,

Important and


(Call Evaluations)

Important but

Not Urgent

Not Urgent and

Not Important

Urgent but

Not Important

Source: Stephen Covey

An outsourced partner can l.jpg

listen to your calls, monitoring,

score for script adherence, intelligibility, grammar, or use any other criteria you set,

flag exception situations for your follow-up,

generate direct feedback to your Agents and/or Coaches

An Outsourced Partner Can:

An outsourced partner can95 l.jpg

Free-up your supervisors for agent development through coaching.

Get you feedback quickly by providing hourly, daily or weekly reporting as well as annotated copies of all reviewed records so you can provide fast feedback to your agents.

You’re in control. You set the schedule, the criteria, the sampling and the reports. The outsourcer executes based on your instructions and change with you as your needs evolve.

An Outsourced Partner Can:

Call quality monitoring current state future state l.jpg

Call Quality Monitoring coaching.Current State Future State

  • Record calls

  • Random monitoring of individual agents

  • Fill out forms (check-lists)

  • Provide written feedback to agents

  • Give “evals” to supervisors to coach

  • Tie quality scores to performance pay

  • Often takes top agents off of the phone to do QA

  • Move call monitoring to a third party located off-shore

  • Do more evals for less

  • Ensure that all evals are ready for agent coaching at the beginning of the next day

  • Drive feedback directly back to the agent thru a “dashboard” for self-management

  • Don’t tie quality scores to performance pay

  • Conduct word mining to “dig deeper” into caller feedback

With this kind of feedback l.jpg

Coaches can focus on those Agents that really need coaching coaching.

Coaches can listen to those calls where the Agent scored poorly

Coaches can delegate service recovery on calls where the caller was disappointed

With this kind of feedback:

Biggest savings for outsourcing call monitoring l.jpg

Save at least 20% off of current cost coaching.

Put your best Agents back on the telephone

Achieve the credibility of third-party impartiality

Biggest Savings for Outsourcing Call Monitoring

Effective agent coaching easily pays for it self many times over by l.jpg

Reducing agent turnover coaching.(16%)

Reducing call handle time (22%)

Improving caller satisfaction (14%)

Increasing sales (26%)

Increasing sales add-ons (11%)

Minimizing negative impact of complaints (18%)

Effective agent coaching easily pays for it self many times over by:

Slide101 l.jpg

ATT coaching.




Become Bilingual

Contact center lingo l.jpg

We increased contacts handled 12%. coaching.

We reduced average handle time 8%.

We increased CSR Occupancy 10%.Up-sells improved 7%.

We benchmark in the top 20% of our industry.

Contact Center “Lingo”

Business lingo l.jpg

We increased contacts handled by 12% and added $120,000 in revenue per month

We reduced average handle time 8% and saved $28,000 per month

Up-sells improved 7% or $52,000 per month

Business “Lingo”

Slide104 l.jpg

Metrics revenue per month




Show Results in Both Languages

Slide105 l.jpg

Peel the Onion – revenue per month

What are the layers of value?

Slide106 l.jpg

Market revenue per month Share

Basic Value Triad

Customer Satisfaction

Financial Measures

Competitive Position

Slide107 l.jpg

ROIs need to be substantial! revenue per month

Aligning vision with action l.jpg

Think Big revenue per month

Act Small

Scale Quickly

Aligning Vision with Action

Conclusions l.jpg

Focusing on the “little things” revenue per month

Experimenting with what works best for you in coaching

Adopt a style that works for you

Don’t do everything at once, instead pick the low hanging fruit

Improvement is a continuous process, not a “big bang” happening…


Thank you be in touch drjonanton@benchmarkportal com l.jpg

Thank you…!!! revenue per monthBe in touch…